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11 Tips to Help You Get a Restful Night's Sleep the Night before your wedding Day

Here are 11 Tips to Help You Get a Restful Night's Sleep the evening before your wedding Day.

If you have not planned on staying at a hotel the night before your wedding, you can still create that hotel feeling at home to make the evening before your wedding feel extra special and sleep well.

A corner of a bed with unmade  white sheets next to a side table with a lamp.
11 Tips to Help You Get a Restful Night's Sleep the Night before your wedding Day

Clear the clutter

Firstly, remove any wedding clutter from the bedroom (it should be at the venue by now anyway). So you will have a clear, clean room to help declutter your mind and calm it from drifting off thinking about the little things you need to remember for tomorrow. Have a tidy around the week before your wedding to help you keep on top of your usual chores and stay organised with the build-up to the wedding.

Clean sheets

Put clean sheets onto your bed the day before your wedding! Nothing beats the feeling of climbing into Freshly washed sheets. I always add a little Zoflora when washing my bed linen to give it that added boost of a fresh scent as I climb into bed.

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Burn a candle

Set the mood by burning a scented relaxing candle by Noam. I always find lighting candles soothing. The subtle light given off by the candle isn't harsh to the eyes. It helps to calm the atmosphere and start to unwind your body, ready for a good night's sleep. I love this one by NEOM Organics Scented Happiness Candle. It was gifted to me as an engagement gift and is absolutely beautiful. Its perfume scents of Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon leave you to feel uplifted and balance your emotions. We all know that weddings can bring out every emotion we have. From happiness and joy to panicking that everything will go to plan. Feeling tense, you can unwind and de-stress with their lavender jasmine and Brazilian rosewood Candle.

half of a big white bath with champagne
Have a relaxing bath

Soak in the Tub

Before you hit the bed, take time to soak in the bath and use a lovely relaxing bath oil to help hydrate your skin and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. I wouldn't recommend using an oil if you have had a spray tan, as this will start to break it down. Avoid soaking for too long if you do take the fake tan route. I love this Bath oil trio by Aromatherapy Associates Essential Bath and Shower Oils. Why not use the 'Distress' or 'Deep Relax' in your bath the evening before and then try the Revive before showering the morning of your wedding day to make you feel like you have a pamper in the Spa.

Moisturise your body

After you have soaked in the bath or relaxed in the shower, moisturise your body. I am currently using this Nivea firming lotion from Boots at the moment. I find it does help firm up my skin. I see a noticeable difference from when I stopped using it, so I always buy this before it finishes. If I want to feel like I have had a pamper, I like to add more hydration to the skin with Nuxe hair body and skin dry oil. I absolutely love this oil's scent. It's gorgeous and leaves me feeling like I have just had some treatments in a Spa.

a hand stretched out holding skincare bottles
Don forget the skincare

Follow your skincare routine

Set time aside to do your skincare routine and a little face massage. Chances are you will probably be a little dehydrated from running around with the build-up of getting everything ready for your big day. If you don't already follow a skincare routine, read some tips here to help get your skin ready for your big day '6 Simple Steps to Prepare your Skin for your Bridal Makeup Trial'. Start planning your beauty schedule and skincare routine as soon as possible.


Hydrate yourself. Pop the kettle on and pour yourself a pot of hot tea. When I need to relax or unwind, I love a cup of Camomile or Lemon balm. If you are not a tea drinker, why not add a little cordial to your water, Elderflower and peach flavourings are my favourite. It is important to hydrate the month leading up to your wedding day, if not from the moment you become engaged. The more hydrated your skin, the healthier and glowy your makeup will appear. Beauty really does start from the inside. Our bodies are thirsty, and hardly anyone drinks as much water as they should.

a lady in pajamas

Wear new Pjs

It is always nice to treat yourself to a new set of nightwear, whether it's comfy, cosy pjs or a sexy night dress. Who wouldn't want to slip into a new set straight from the bath or shower?

a lady sitting on the bed reading

Read a romantic book or watch a Ron-com.

Stick on a light-hearted romantic movie and get engrossed in their love story, or you can turn the tech off and spend time transporting yourself into another world. Catch up on some light reading to help you relax and unwind. I would suggest a romantic novel where the main character meets a new lover on the beach during her heartbreak vay-cay. But if a crime or horror is more suited to you, you go for it.

Spend time with loved ones.

Spend time with Friends and Family, whether it's a Lunch date or dinner with the gang. Enjoy some time with those you love. Some of your family may have travelled from further afield. Spend a little time catching up in case you won't necessarily get time to talk to everyone for long

periods on the wedding day. Use this time to be present and get excited about what's to come.

lady sitting on grey sofa with her laptop and using her Phone
Catch up and get excited

Call or FaceTime the Hubster!

Have that last chat with your future hubby-to-be before you drift to sleep. If you are a traditionalist with your wedding planning, you may opt to spend the evening apart and decide not to talk to each other before the wedding day.

Take this chance to voice any worries or concerns either of you have to comfort the nerves. Discuss the exciting plans you both have for the future. Remember the exact reason you are getting married and share the love you have for one another.

I hope you sleep well and get ready for your next adventure.

How exciting!

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