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1 year countdown to your wedding: Here are 9 Beauty appointments to get booked into your diary to have you looking your best for your big day

The 12-month countdown to your big day has started of course you want to look your best when that day arises. I suggest booking all your beauty treatments for the coming year, secure them in the diary then you have no excuse to miss one. Being a hair and makeup artist by the weekend and a hairstylist during the week. I encourage my clients to book the whole year in advance so that we all know where we are and they can get the appointments when they want them. By planning your treatments a year ahead you will make sure you don't miss out and stay organised to have you looking your absolute best for the day of your dreams.

Here are 9 beauty treatments that I think should take a priority spot in your Diary over the next coming year. I bought this self care planner to keep me on track, This one is from The Range. I just wanted somewhere to keep it completely separate from my work diary, as that is filled up with everyone else treatments.

1 Hair colour and cuts.

This one is one of the most important commitments to make to me. If you have colour appointments, work out how many weeks until your wedding date and work backwards every 12,8,6, or 4-week appointments depending on your usual colour technique and growth schedule. Get those haircuts booked in and cut those split ends off. Especially if you are growing your hair to keep it looking healthy by the time your big day arrives. 

2 Spray tan

Whether you are unsure about booking a spray tan for your wedding or not, you could always book a trial session. This would be a spray tan session to see how you feel with a tan, to get your shade right and see if you like it. I would book both dates in the diary, Trial tan and Wedding day. Most people practice their tan when they are off to another wedding or off for a Long Hen party weekend. Try the Sienna X locator to find a therapist who can assist you, or even if you fancy DIY-ing it, there are lots of products to choose from

.3 Waxing appointments.

Work backwards at how many weeks you like your waxing done, some book every 6-8 weeks some people like it every 4 weeks. Work backwards from your wedding date to ensure silky smooth legs for your wedding day. Also think of things like lips and chin, brows and other areas you may want waxing for your wedding day.

4 Manicures

We want these nails to grow strong and healthy and prepare them for whichever nail treatment you decide. Keep a little bottle of cuticle oil and hand cream by the side of your bed and massage this in before you go to sleep. This will help keep your hands soft and soften your cuticles for easier removal with every mani. Try out your inspo bridal designs throughout the year so that come wedding week, you will know exactly what you would like ahead of the big day.

5 facials

Treat yourself to a facial throughout the year to give you that added glow or that deep peel, depending on your skin's needs. You want to be looking your absolute best for your big day. Your facialist will recommend products to use at home to keep you glowing all-the-way to the altar.

6 skincare routines

Now is the time to find the perfect skincare routine for you. Whether you want to find something to reduce your oily complexion, hydrate your skin or create that glass skin look, now is the time to start trying things out so you can perfect that routine for the months leading up to the wedding day.

7 Teeth Straightening/whitening

Now is the time to start thinking about straightening or whitening your teeth and enhancing that perfect smile for those wedding pictures. Talk to your dentist to find the best procedure for you. You can also find many home whitening kits online if you want to do it at home and have that smile on your face all day.

8 enhancements

If you use enhancements, such as fillers, botox, micro-blading etc... Now is the time to start getting those dates in the diary. Do your research. Ask around and listen to recommendations to help you find the right professional for your enhancements.

9 Lashes

If you're not normally a lash girl, now is the time to get practising and see if you would like lashes for your big day and what lashes you would like. As a Bridal makeup artist, I encourage all my brides to try lashes at their trial. I use individual clusters for my lash application unless I am asked to use a particular strip. But after trying them my brides easily fall in love and either opt for them again for their wedding day or they go and have a full set of individual lashes applied before their wedding day. There are so many choices with lashes. I would start with trying a light strip lash to get you used to having something on your eyes, and after a while, you will barely know you are there. Now is the time to try.

So here are the 9 beauty treatments that I think should be pushed up the priority list when it comes to planning your beauty the year leading up to your wedding. Whichever you decide or only manage to book a few treatments in your diary, I am sure you will look stunning on your wedding day.

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