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Blow dry                                        £ 30.00

Wet Cut                                        £  30.00

Cut & Blow dry                             £  48.00

Hair up                              from   £  50.00


Root tint                                       £  50.00

Full head tint                  from    £   70.00

Regrowth and full head tint using L'Oreal Professional Products, covers 100% white hair, and grows out as your natural hair grows.. Semi permanent colour is used all over or on the root regrowth, these colours are perfect to introduce colour in to the hair, it will give a hint of colour without permanently tinting the hair, and fades gently through washes.


Crown & parting                          £  55.00

A naturally blended t-section using L'Oreal Professional Products. This is a perfect touch up for in-between colouring services to freshen up your style. It is also a great way to brighten up an all over tint on the top section or scattered throughout, leaving you with a multi-tonal sun kissed look.

1/2 head Highlights                      £   75.00

Naturally blended 1/2 head of highlights/lowlights using L'Oreal professional products.


Full head Highlights                     £   100.00


Naturally blended full head of highlights or lowlights using L'Oreal Professional products.





Fashion colours

Colour correct

These are technical services using a multitude of techniques, and a variety of different colours to reach the desired effect.



Please note that tinting, ombre, balayage, and fashion colour services, require a patch test,at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time, if you have not had this service  within the last 6 months. 

Event hair and makeup. Hair and Makeup artist in Hayes, Bromley and Kent.

Hayley has been taking care of my hair for over 6 years.  She has cut, highlighted, lowlighted and covered my grey to perfection.  We have great conversations and she is always prompt and, best of all, fairly priced.  I feel very lucky to have found such a reliable and excellent hairdresser.

Teresa Borlodan 
Wedding Hair and makeup artist in Hayes, Bromley and Kent.

 A customised makeup application tailored to the client, event or occasion. I use a wide range of products and a variety of brands like Mac cosmetics, Benefit, and Bobby Brown. Whether it’s day make up, or evening make up, It will be smudge proof and kiss proof to last all day. Relax and let me create a work of art and bring your personality to the surface.



Make up                                        From   £ 60.00


Make up and blow-dry/hair up  From  £ 90.00


Add strip lashes for                      £  6.00


The Makeup Station


Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing treatments in the beauty industry. Lash Perfect semi permanent eyelashes, enhance your natural beauty by adhering a synthetic individual lash to each natural eyelash.

​​Express Lashes                                                          £ 38.00    Removal                                                                     £  10.00 (free with re-application). 

This full set of individual lashes are applied between lashes. These semi permanent lashes can last between 2-4 weeks depending on your natural lash growth, and if correct after care is followed. Maintenance cannot be carried out on these lashes because of the way they are applied, they will need to be removed and a fresh set re-applied. These individual lashes are so lightweight and behave just like your own natural lashes. You wouldn’t even know you were wearing them.

Cluster lashes                    

Fullset                                                                          £ 25.00

Per single bunch applied                                         £ 01.00 

These are bunches of 4-5 lashes that are applied individually to rest on the top of your natural lashes. They are perfect for a wedding or a weekend away, lasting 1-7 days depending on aftercare . 

Strip Lashes                                                                £ 15.00

These lashes by Eyelure are supplied in a variety of different volumes and lengths, and applied using a strong hold adhesive to last all day long.


Brows Treatment                 £ 30.00

My bespoke brow treatment will transform any unruly or sparse brows, into perfect arches that will frame your face, opening your eyes and accentuating your cheek bones.

My brow treatment consists of 6 steps


Trimming. tinting, waxing, threading, plucking, filling              


Please note.

Most of these eye treatments require a patch test at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time, if you have not had this service by me within the last 6 months. 

denise eyelash.jpg
The Lash & Brow Bar

Hayley is the best and making me feel pampered and human again.  Eyebrows pristine, hair different colour every time (as I request) and nails perfected.All in my own home in my pajamas.

It's the future, your the best Hayley. 

Becke Tibbert

Hayley has been cutting, tinting and highlighting my hair for about four years now and I highly recommend her. She is reliable and listens to what you want carefully and I am always very happy with my cut and colour. Hayley is a professional with lots of experiance and is skilled in many other beauty treatments as well. I always feel relaxed when she is doing my hair. My daughter has some of Hayley's other treatments and totally agrees with this recommendation. she says Hayley is fab. An excellent all round service -  Thank you Hayley.

Karen Rowley


Indulge yourself with an opi manicure or pedicure treatment using opi's nutritive range of vitamin oils and moisturisers for the most therapeutic experience. Choose from a wide range of award winning professional quality, long lasting lacquer. Relax and let your only problem be deciding what colour or shades to suit your mood, occasion or just to keep up to date with the fashion.

File & paint                                                        

Mani                                                                       £   11.50

Pedi                                                                        £   11.50

Mani & pedi                                                           £  20.00


(file, cuticle work, scrub, mini massage buff and polish)

Mani                                                                       £  21.00 

Pedi                                                                        £ 26.50

Mani & Pedi                                                           £ 45.00


( file cuticle work, scrub, mask, mini massage, buff and polish)                      

Mani                                                                        £ 27.00

Pedi                                                                        £ 34.50

Mani & pedi                                                          £ 58.00 

Going on holiday, or just want a longer lasting manicure. Then O.P.I gel colour is the manicure or pedicure for you. This stunning gel colour is the perfect accessory on the beach, or holding a martini. This gel polish coats your own nails with a highly pigmented colour that is painted on straight from the bottle, and left to cure for only 30 seconds per coat, under a L.E.D light.  After being set with a top coat, you will have beautifully painted nails with a high shine and extremely glossy finish.


O.P.I gel mani                                                         £ 24.00

O.P.I gel pedi                                                         £   31.00

​O.P.I gel mani & pedi                                            £  50.00

The Nail Bar
The Tanning Booth


 Do you want a natural but safe suntan? Sienna X is perfect for you. Its natural, and slightly fragranced ingredients leave you feeling beautifully bronzed, from head to toe. It’s gentle formula comes in a variety of different shades to suit all skin tones and occasions. If correct aftercare is followed, It is possible to keep the tan looking healthy for 5-7 days. It's the perfect choice for the celebs on the red carpet, tan like a star.

Sienna x spray tan                                        £26.00


Before your tan

  • Exfoliate and moisturise the night before your tan (not on the day of the tan ).  Pay particular attention to elbows, knees, ankles and problem dry areas.

  • Paint nails and toe nails, especially if artificial.

  • Wax/shave at least 24/48 hours prior to treatment. this allows time for pores to close. dotting in pores may appear if not adhered to

  • Avoid using perfume and deodorant prior to your tan.

After your tan

  • wear dark loose clothing.(tight clothing or underwear might cause marks)

  • wear flip flops or loose fitting shoes

  • do not shower, or bathe for the development time (at least 8 hours after treatment).

  • do not exercise or swim during the development period.

  • pat dry after showering and use sienna X products to prolong the life of your tan. 


Award-winning Q10 Bronzing Mousse is the perfect fake tan for those wanting to achieve a deep colour and flawless, streak-free finish.

Sienna X

Luxurious, glistening moisturiser for daily use. Protects and beautifully enhances your tan with a luminescent sheen. Now with refreshing lemon grass and ginger fragrance.

Sienna X

Moisturising and conditioning, this quick fix is perfect for an instant  bronzed glow.

Sienna X

Spray tan for quick and easy application for instant colour. Perfect to touch up hands and face.

Sienna X

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