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10 Things to do the day before your Wedding

1 Drink water

First and what I think to be the most important. Drink water. Your wedding day will go in a flash of excitement, catching up with friends and family, and getting ready for the big day, that you may forget to drink water. You also will be rushing around that last week before your wedding day, and you probably haven't had time to eat healthily or even drink your usual daily intake of water. You should try to hydrate the day before to look your best for your makeup application.

2 Eat a healthy meal

The last thing you will want is a bloated belly or an upset stomach from eating the wrong foods the day before your wedding. You need that dress to fit comfortably, and for you to feel well on your wedding morning. No feeling urgh from grease overload and no dipping sugar levels! You will want to eat foods that release a steady amount of energy to keep you going through your wedding day. You should be feeling and looking your best, and this starts with what you eat and drink.

3 Take Labels off your shoes.

Yes. There is always a last-minute panic because a bridesmaid or groomsman has forgotten to take the label off the bottom of his/her shoes. I have seen this enough times. We don't want any last-minute soaking of the shoe label in soapy water and then accidentally dropping them in during your panic.

Believe me, everyone can see these labels as you walk down the aisle, so no half-hearted efforts "Well most of the label is off! " We can all see them.

Plan out time for this as it always takes longer than expected, preferably before you have painted your nails!

4 Cut off tags.

As well as shoes, tags on bags, hair accessories and jewellery can also be forgotten and left to the last minute. You don't need to be running around rooms or down to reception to find a pair of scissors to add unnecessary stress to your morning. It is best to do them the night before at the latest that's another job ticked off your list.

5 Pack your overnight bag

If you are staying overnight at your venue the night of your wedding, don't forget to pack your overnight bag in advance. Having time and calmly pack will ensure that you do not forget anything. Clean underwear, socks or even your toothbrush can often get left behind in a rush. Some venues will allow you to take your bag the night before to be put in your room, ready for your wedding morning, so check you can do this.

6 Pack your wedding day bag.

Get your beauty essentials together and pack them into your wedding day bag or in a pouch ready to slip into a bridesmaids clutch bag.

I would include your lipstick to touch up, some cotton buds, and a mini perfume bottle. You can get some cute mini refillable perfume bottles that you fill up with your favourite wedding day spritz. Of course, don't forget that little pack of tissues for those little moments.

6 Exercise

Whether you are a gym-goer or would enjoy a gentle stroll around the block, squeezing in 10 minutes of any exercise will always make you feel great and get those endorphins pumping. You can always try a little yoga or just a few stretches to release any tension you might be holding onto, relaxing your shoulders and realigning your posture. Take advantage of this little bit of extra time to organise your thoughts and release any stress.

7 Take Care of your skin

Don't forget to wash your makeup off and apply your skincare routine. Concentrate on moisturising your skin. Not just your face but your whole body. If you have had a spray tan for your wedding, moisturising is vital to help keep your bronzed body looking fresher for longer. Concentrate on applying cream to your hands to keep them looking soft for those wedding day ring shots.

8 Wash your Hair

Depending on the instructions of your bridal hairstylist, you may want to wash your hair the night before. Enjoy giving yourself a nice soft blowdry to prep your hair before your wedding day. Every hairstylist will have a different set of instructions per hairstyle and hair type, so do check with them if you should be doing this.

9 Relax

Do whatever you need to do to relax. Knit a scarf, read your book, or simply listen to soothing music, to keep your nerves calm. Head to the bathroom and run a hot bubble bath. Have a nice long soak, to take any last-minute stresses away. The build-up to the wedding day can be busy, with lots of visiting people and places, picking up things and taking stuff over to your venue. The time will pass quickly, so it is refreshing to take time out just for you. Turn your phone to do not disturb and schedule time out to relax and unwind.

10 Have an early night

It is important to get as much sleep as you can the night before your wedding day. Some bridal parties can be large, so an early start to get your party ready might be needed. Ensuring you get a good night's sleep will help you be an early riser and wake naturally before your wedding day adrenaline kicks in. Spritz a gentle lavender spray on your pillow, read a book and listen to some soft relaxing music that will help you gently unwind before you nod off to dream about your wedding day.

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