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9 Tips for Healthy Wedding Hair: How to get your hair into shape leading up to your wedding day

Below are a few hair tips for you, lovely brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride or groom, and even guests. You can start working on improving the condition of your hair to help get your hair looking healthier, shinier and longer leading up to your wedding day. The sooner you start planning your routine, the healthier and happier it will look when you reach your big day.

Regular trims

Once you have secured your wedding date with your venue, you have your deadline in the diary, so you can now start planning your skin and hair routine to have you looking your best.

Talk with your hairdresser to work out a plan to get your hair into tip-top condition and how often you will need to attend the salon for those regular trims. Schedule your appointments in advance leading up to your big day having this plan in place, you will most likely stick to your schedule and be less likely to skip or cancel a trim.

It is important to have regular trims to cut off any split ends or damaged hair. If left they will work up the hair and snap higher up. This will compromise the condition and limit the shine and health of your hair.

Eat Clean

We all know how important it is for our bodies to consume nourishing foods. We have to feed hair, skin, and nails from the inside. So fill yourself up with vitamin-rich food and make sure your diet includes plenty of high-protein foods, meats, fish, pulses, nuts and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Vitamins and minerals are a must if you are not getting all your vitamin intake from the foods you eat or have certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Hair tells us a lot about your overall health it shows if you are not receiving enough vitamins or minerals that the body requires. Biotin, vitamins c, b, and e, zinc, iron and omega 3 are all helpful in creating long and healthy hair. Do be aware that some vitamins would affect blood results and current medication. So always check with your doctor or health provider before supplementing.

Turn the heat down

Turn the heat down a notch when you have a shower to protect the hair and not dry it out so much. Hot water will strip the hair from its natural oils and cause damage that can lead to breakage. If you colour your hair, cooler water will also help your colour last longer, bonus!

Wash less

Try going an extra day between shampoos. Every time you shampoo your hair you are stripping all the natural oils that help nourish the cuticles and scalp. Try a double cleanse on wash day this help you go that extra day between washes.

Conditioning plays a big part in hair growth. Using a conditioner regularly helps restore all the moisture lost from the washing process. It helps strengthen, soften and adds shine to the hair. Give yourself some pamper time after washing your hair and leave a mask on for 5 to 15 minutes or while you are watching something on Netflix. Book this regular treatment time in your diary to have a bit of self-care and pamper time.

Lay off the tools

Limit how often you use heat tools and find other ways of creating hairstyles. Festival season is upon us, so braids are a popular choice or opt for heatless curls. If you can't do without and you are going to blow dry or straighten your hair make sure your tools are in good working order and are still in a condition that isn't going to cause damage to your hair. Investing in a good heat protector should be at the top of everyone's wish list.

Use satin or silk scrunchies and limit the use of your elastic hair ties.

Scrunchies are kinder to your hair and cause less breakage they are perfect to wear at night so that your hair is not being held too tightly and causing damage every time you roll over.

Invest in a silk pillowcase

Like silk scrunchies, a silk pillowcase can help against friction when you sleep at night. If you never really get a good night's sleep and toss and turn all night, you will most definitely be causing damage to your skin and hair. Friction causes split ends and creates fragile hair that will look dry, damaged and lose its shine.

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