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10 Tips to achieve the best from your Wedding hair and makeup trial

Here are a few top tips I have picked up over the years working in the hair and beauty industry. These tips will help you achieve the best from your wedding hair and makeup trial. Your hair and makeup trial should leave you walking away and feeling special, ready to walk down that aisle, full of confidence and feeling the most beautiful version of yourself.

Here I have highlighted a few ways to help you prepare for your trial and reach that goal.

1 When to book

Book your wedding hair and makeup trial 1-3 months before your wedding date. If you are in the process of growing your hair, you will need to leave enough time for it to grow to reach your desired length. If you have problem-prone skin, you always want to give enough time to find a new regime that works for you or just enough time to get your diet back on track and help improve your skin's condition.

Bear in mind that it can take up to three months for a new skincare regime to work, be patient and give yourself time. If you book your trial six months to a year in advance, it is most likely that your skin and hair will change. By booking nearer to your big day, you will ensure that your hair and skin will be similar to your wedding day and will not have to book another trial due to changes.

2 Time

Check with your stylist how much time will be necessary for your trial. Hair and makeup artists work at different speeds and have various ways to create your style. The length of your trial time will also depend on your chosen hairstyles, hair length, the thickness of your natural hair, adding hair extensions etc.

I base my timings on 3-3 ½ hours for your Hair and Makeup trial and 1-2 hours for just your hair or makeup trial.

I like to ensure that there is enough time in case we run over so that you are not rushing out the door. I book extra time for your trial to get everything as perfect as I can and to spend time building a connection so everything will run smoothly on the day. Block time out in your diary to sit back and enjoy yourself. It is all part of the wedding process, make the most of the experience and take the time out for yourself. Among the chaos of wedding planning, it's nice to have a little time to relax and enjoy being pampered.

3 Lighting and Space

Have a table or area clear for your stylist to unload their products, preferably next to a window or in a bright room with no low ceilings or lighting would help. I have lost count of the many times I have banged my head against these, as not many venues consider bridal preparation areas when styling the room. Hairstylists would like to work near a plug socket if possible if not, an extension lead to hand would work.

4 Relaxed atmosphere

Create a calm atmosphere for your bridal hair and makeup trial. If you have booked time out in your day, you want to enjoy it. Find a babysitter or ask someone to watch your children while you have time out for yourself. Sometimes you may feel a little nervous and would like a little moral support, or you may want another person's opinion. That's absolutely fine. I prefer to do a trial one on one, or with only one other person present. I have found that with fewer people around, the bride feels she can open up a little more about what she likes and dislikes without pressure from other people to have hair or makeup a certain way. Too many opinions floating around the room can be a little overwhelming for a bride.

Feel free to have music playing, but bear in mind that music at a lower volume will make it easier for the stylist to concentrate. Softer music will create a calmer environment for you to enjoy and relax. So no hen party environment, please. Your stylist will need some calm to create your desired look. People popping in and out or having a party in the next room will make it quite difficult for your stylist to concentrate. It might not be possible for you to clear your house, so as long as you can make sure you have a little downtime and put that "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.

5 Clothing

Feel free to take a change of clothing with you or wear something flattering. Changing into white or cream after your bridal trial will help create a more realistic idea of what you will look like on your wedding day.

Maybe opt for clothing with a very similar neckline to your wedding dress or something off the shoulders so you can achieve that wedding dress feel.

6 Accessories

Not everyone has chosen their wedding accessories before the trial, But if you are super organised and have already planned these little details, do take them along. These accessories will help work out the tone of your makeup by the colour of jewellery that you will be wearing. Your chosen hair accessory or veil will finish that bridal hair vibe.

Your hairstylist can guide you on what they think will work best and what style of hair accessories they like to work with for your hairstyle.

7 Styles

Bring your makeup bag to show your makeup artist what you usually wear. Start planning an inspo board for wedding hair and makeup looks that inspire your wedding style. Search Pinterest and Instagram for images that capture your bridal hair and makeup vision. Be aware that most of these images for hairstyles may use hair extensions and are heavily filtered. Look for styles similar to your hair colour, type and face shape. It is easier to work with realistic goals than images that your stylist will not be able to recreate it, which will only leave you feeling deflated and flat. Tell your stylist what you like about that image. Is it the way the hairline flatters the face, the height, or the style of curls? Something has attracted you to that style. What it is that you love? Be true to yourself and factor in the dress style, neckline and theme of your wedding.

Quite often, your stylist would have seen the same images over again. That's great, but if you want a style that your hair or makeup artist has already created, browse through their website and Instagram and see what inspires you. That is their online portfolio of work that they have already designed. That's not to say your stylist can't create something out of their usual bridal style. Send them pictures beforehand and see what they recommend.

8 Follow your hair or Makeup artists prep guide

Most hair and makeup artists will have a step-by-step hair or makeup preparation guide to pop over to you before your trial, do follow that. These guides are for you to achieve the most out of your bridal trial.

There is no point showing up with three-day-old hair unless three-day-old hair is when your hair responds the best to being manipulated into position. Do bear in mind that if your trial becomes your dream hairstyle for your wedding day, which it should. You should follow the same prep that you followed for your hair trial. If you washed your hair a day before your trial, do the same for your wedding day hair.

I have my hair and skin prep guides that gets emailed out to my brides for their hair and skin to get them ready for their trial.

9 Tanning

If you are thinking of having a spray tan for your wedding, why not try it out for your makeup trial?

See if you like the tan if it suits you and leaves you with that perfect subtle glow for that beautiful wedding dress. Self-tans are more yellow or peach in tones, so they may alter your colouring and possibly what colours the makeup artists will use. Book a professional spray tan artist for your wedding day. You want your tan looking seamless, glowing as if you have just stepped off the beach.

I am a sienna x spray tan therapist and wouldn't use any other brand. If you are interested in finding a Sienna X therapist for your wedding, head to the Sienna X website and find your local therapist using their locator list.

I recommend that brides avoid spraying their face if they have dry skin or are regularly waxing the area. Self-tan can stick to dry patches and make the area appear darker, and applying a light layer of foundation on the wedding day will enhance this even more. Assess your face before spraying to avoid unwanted shadows on your upper lip or dry patches.

10 Treat your trial as though it is your wedding day.

And lastly, treat your trial like it is your wedding day to get the most out of your service. Set time aside to look after your hair to leave it in a healthy condition, increase your water intake and change your diet to get your skin glowing. I am assuming you will be having pictures taken for your big day, then put in as much effort as time will allow getting your hair and skin into shape. Professional shots or not, you will want to look amazing in that wedding album. I know there are not enough hours in the day as we would like, but taking the time to put in that little extra effort will leave good results.

Your hair and makeup artist will recommend things to improve your hair and skin, do listen to them.

Nearly all of my brides improved their skin, from their trial date to the wedding day, following my skincare advice. It's lovely to see when brides have put in that extra effort and have listened to improve problem areas.

I hope this has answered any of your questions and concerns. Now you can start planning your trial and get pinning those inspo styles to your board.

(Picture below) Credit: Sarah Bruce Photography

Happy couple walking hand in hand on their wedding day.
Credit: Sarah Bruce Photography


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