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5 questions to ask your hairstylist and makeup artist before you book

Before you book your hair and makeup artist you may have a few questions you may want to ask them.

I have covered a few of my Most Frequently asked questions below. to help you with your search.

Q1. Where are you located or do you travel?

This is a major part of picking your stylist. Location, are they near you or the Venue? Do they have a studio/salon or are they freelance? I am a Freelance HMUA. I travel to the location venue or to your home, for the trial and the wedding day. Do inform your stylist of where you will be getting ready for the trial, and on the day so the travelling time and distance can be factored into your bridal package quote.

Q2. Do you do hair and makeup or just one service?

Not all stylists do both services; they may be either the makeup artist or hairstylist. I do both, but I am equally happy to be booked for one or the other.

Q3. How many people from my party can I include?

Do ask how many people your hair and makeup artist can do. This varies from stylist to stylist, timings on the day, early weddings or afternoon services.

Service bookings are different for each party, so I cannot say until I have all the information needed. A ​Lot of things will factor into how long per person, which hairstyles have been chosen, the length/thickness of the client's hair and if hair extensions are being used.

This will all take up time so do make sure you give your stylist as much information as you can. If it is a larger bridal booking, she/he will most likely need to hire an assistant or pass part of the party over to a recommended stylist.

Q4. Do I need to have a trial of my hair and makeup before the day?

I would always recommend a trial before your wedding date. A trial is a dedicated time to design your chosen style and discuss your ideas. Time is limited on the day so a trial will ensure that your stylist will know exactly what they are going to do, and how long it will take them to do so. Having no major surprises will help them stick to their timings so that everything runs smoothly to schedule for the day.

Q5. When do I need to book my trial?

I would suggest booking your trial between 1-3 months before your wedding date. However, many stylists are different and like to get most of their trials done outside of peak time. You can book as soon as you have made the final decision for your wedding dress, as the neckline will help you decide on your hairstyle. I personally do not book too far in advance, hair grows and skin changes, so the nearer you book your trial to your wedding day the less chance of any unexpected changes occurring. There is always the possibility of changing your style and having to re-book another trial at an additional cost.

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