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Salon international... These men rocked....

Wow for the first time ever you were awesome...previous years have left me of course a little bit poorer than when I arrived, that I can deal with but the sense of disappointment and mundane feeling was the very reason I very nearly didn't attend Salon International 2016... leaving booking my ticket to the very last minute very disorganised (heart wrenching) of me. Booking a week before after a sudden panic that maybe just maybe I might miss something. (completely freaked me out) And I certainly would have done if I hadn't had attended this years event.

As you all know Im such a list and organised freak that I always attend fully armed with my lists, maps, planned routes and itinerary, well this year after many of disappointment I only have an extremely short list of a few items that I wanted to pick up at the show that I normally do every year. I felt that there was no need to study the floor plan intensely as usual and decided to go slightly off track just wandering up and down the aisles and see what caught my eye. As I looked around at the many hairstylists and barbers you can instantly tell the professional from the student, the creative artist from the silent partner, the hairdresser from the hairstylist... as they all have a certain sense of style for each area of the hair industry... I was very impressed by the immaculate style this year. The attendees were not a scruffy as usual they seamed to have dressed for the occasion. The men certainly won in this years stakes as the women were all pastel crazy coloured out, not sure I could stomach cotton candy right now.

Now getting down to the interesting part the men, they were impeccably dressed... smart but casual, tidy but not obsessive, leaving a slight stubble or beard trimmed to perfection... these stylists were beautiful and I found myself spending most of my time in the barbering/ gents hairdressing corner. I listened to shows from L'oreal professional, Rush and Babyliss these were the ones who really got my attention. I learnt so much from The London School of Barbering... these guys rocked, I was tempted to join them on stage.. Having arrived in the morning, the crowds were not as big, so I quietly thought to myself that I was receiving a one on one lesson from these guys.... male grooming is becoming more and more popular as the years go on... its nice to see men making the most of themselves and spending time on pampering as we do, but don't get me wrong Im all for male grooming as I have introduced this in to my services over the years, I just don't want someone that spends more time than me in the bathroom.

I collected the products I came for from the likes of Moroccan oil and Tangle Teezer (perfect stocking fillers) I visited Parlux, the best hairdryer brand ever, I received my first and only Parlux as a birthday gift over 6 years ago from a fellow hairstylist. (Hi Kevin) and never looked back, the thought of replacing it pains me... fellow tradesmen and women will understand how attached we become to our tools, so thanks Kevin for introducing it into my life. I quickly added Easy locks to my list and took a detour to my current hair extension supplier to get that enthusiasm back and get me as excited about hair extensions as ever. Im hoping to be reintroducing them in November. I never really want or expect much from the hair shows, but this year I really used it as a networking event and creating new contacts and ideas, I even found a new business card supplier so I have plenty to keep me busy for the rest of this year.

I wasn't sure it was quite possible to be as excited about hair than I already am. I mean I live, breathe, dream hair , well within reason. So how Salon International has left me feeling is absolutely amazing, I have walked away walking on air, I loved it I cant wait to get working on improving my portfolio and teaching and learning some new techniques. Salon International you have re-lit that fire inside me.... Thank you for releasing that passion again.... I don't think il be getting any sleep tonight i'm just too excited to show you what Hayley did next...


Hayley x

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