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How to blow like a pro..

I frequently get asked advice about blowdrying tips and styles....the weather is getting warmer but wetter, the moisture and humidity in the air is really not good for the hair..... The Royal Ascot is next week and my early mornings are fully booked for me to tame you mane...and enhance your natural beauty. This blog is designed for those who did not get booked in time,or generally want to learn how to handle your hair. Now you can hold your head up high follow these easy guide to blow like a pro...

These are a few steps to create a smooth sleek blow dry...

1 Pat dry hair with a towel after washing, do not rub the hair.

2 Rough dry your hair till its 60% dry or just to remove the heavy wet (so the hair feels lighter) this helps reduce the amount of work, therefore less heat directed to the hair.

3 Apply your styling product to smooth down the cuticles applying from the mid- lengths to the ends, avoid applying too much less is more....

4 find your parting then section from your parting down to your ear, repeat on the other side, Creating a total of 3 sections.

5 Start on the back bigger section, section this in to smaller parts clipping all hair that you are not working with out of the way. Apply heat on a lower setting (so the heat is comfortable). Working from the nape of the neck,( where your hair line meets your neck), start pulling your brush (paddle or round brush), directing the airflow from the hair dryer down the hair from roots to ends. This helps to smoothen down the cuticles of the hair. Make sure you are continuously moving the hair-dryer over the hair making sure it is not too close or touching it. When that section is dry move on the the next section and repeat the process until all the hair in the back section is dry.

6 Move on to the front side sections and fringe if necessary. When you have finished the whole head, blast hair with the cool setting this will help cool down the bonds of the hair and smooth the cuticles, creating shine and setting everything in place.

7 Hold your head up high and give them hair envy this summer...

Remember the more tension you have with the hair against the brush the smoother and sleeker the hair will appear.

Keep your sections clean and tidy this will make tangling your hair up in the brush a little harder to do, so keep your sections sharp and you will be spot on.

TIP Always Start blowdrying from the back section as you will never leave the house with the front messy, so if you get bored easily you will have to continue until the full head has been beautifully blowdried....

Don't practice this too much as I don't really want you to put me out of work


Hayley x

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