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How I made my Bridal Concession for the Kent Wedding Centre

Amazingly at the Start of May I joined The Kent Wedding Centre in Paddock Wood. I was approached for this opportunity, and I couldn't say no! I would have blogged about this a while back, but I’ve been far too busy. Now that moment has passed, I’m going to share with you how I created my bridal hair and makeup concession. Not having had a salon to decorate, I was excited to get down to the centre and put together a display area to show off some of my best work. Once I had seen my area, I visualised what I wanted to create and started planning. I had two signs hanging on the wall, one being my logo, and was given a dresser to display on. Having only been able to get down the day before the open day to decorate, I wasn’t under any pressure at all. Pictures Pictures, picture, pictures are of utmost importance when it comes to showing off my art. Unfortunately, I don't have an actual product for rent or sale, so I don't have anything physical that I can promote. It is just me and the service I create. Pictures are crucial in my selling point. Images from photoshoots and real brides on their wedding days are what sells me best. I printed my photos at and some of my smaller images I printed at home. I also pulled in the help of a friend who printed a few out for me. Thanks Ben!

The Kent Wedding Centre had already printed out 2 images for me and had framed them so I balanced these at the back of my table so I could work around them. Some of the larger prints I placed on little wooden stands that I found in Hobbycraft. The rest of my images were placed into a book to create a portfolio. This went down a treat! People stopped, flicked through and some even recognised the brides that I had worked with. This was a conversation starter, a must have for any hairstylist or makeup artist.

Table The dresser was supplied by The Kent Wedding Centre. It was a beautiful unit, so I didn't want to cover it in a standard white tablecloth. I ordered a lacy table runner that tied loosely down each side, which enhanced the character of the dresser. It had may drawers available, some for storage and others to use as part of my display. I filled some of the drawers with flowers, some with makeup brushes and one with hair products. The rest that were closed I used to store extra business cards and leaflets.

Promo material What’s the point of a business without a business card??? If you do not inform people on who you are or what you do, how are they ever going to book you? I ordered in a large quantity of business cards and leaflets to hand out on the day. When you visit The Kent Wedding Centre, you receive a little brochure that includes all of the suppliers that are part of the team. I have a page in the brochure. Along with this brochure, brides can pick up a business card and a leaflet which gives them three reminders of what I am about! Flowers I was adamant that I was going to use hanging flowers as part of my display. I used bamboo and wire to hang the flowers from the top of my area. I also twisted fairy lights around my display. My aim was to attract attention. Brides love something pretty to look at. Who doesn’t after all? It shows my creative side and with a little extra effort, it shows you how beautiful my work can be. I filled draws with flowers and put some in a vase. Flowers were ordered from a variety of places. I will link them all in the list below.

Mirror I used a mirror purely for design purposes. Mirrors are a very big part of my craft. I then wrote on with eyeliner my Instagram handle (follow me on Insta @whathayleydidnext). Just another little promo idea. That’s pretty much everything I added to my display stand. There’s a few things that I’ll tweak going forward but right now I am really happy. It shows of my work nicely. I also used an oversized cocktail glass to display some mints in. If you are going to do this, I would use wrapped mints for hygiene purposes. Who doesn't love a freebie? I love the feeling of picking up a mint as I collect a bill in a restaurant!

So why not come down and have a browse around The Kent Wedding Centre? Fancy a chat, why not book an appointment to brainstorm ideas, and get some inspiration.

You can call Gill on 01622873434 and she will be more than happy to book and appointment.

Or simply email me at You will be more than welcome.

Watch my timelapse here Youtube

What I used as follows Flowers

Peony and roses Home bargains

Ivy amazon

Whisteria Amazon

blossom garland Amazon


Candle and candle stick Poundland

Photo printing privately and

Lace runner amazon

fairy lights poundland

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