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Have you put Moroccanoil on your Xmas list this year?

Moroccanoil has been in my life for the last 5 + years and I have never looked back. This product smells to good to be true. I was first introduced to it shortly after I became freelance. A regular American client/friend of mine, who was living in England for work had stumbled across this product having a a Blowdry while visiting family at home. The salon in Florida had recommended this product and immediately we were both hocked. I'm always up for trying new products and half the time i'm trying to work out if its the smells that attract me more than the products itself

However I was very intrigued with this brand as it created sulfate-free, phosphate-free and paraben-free. products. Having tried Sulphate free products in the past I was very interested to see if this would stand up to the job and tackle my mane.

So I bought the shampoo and conditioner and the oil treatment... I wish I found this formula sooner. Natural ingredients always work best after all they are pure and have been around for 100s of years. So that was the beginning of my collection, I was addicted and my bathroom cupboards were expanding at the same rate of Morrocanoil's collection.

My usual routine is as follows :

Step 1 I shampoo twice two with either the repair or hydrating shampoo

Step 2 Followed by either the repair or the hydrating conditioner, massaged and combed through my ends with a Tangle Teezer (which you can also buy from my shop) then rinsed.

Step 3 If Im preferring to leave my #hair "au natural" then I use the curling cream, yes i have a curly mane. If I choose to blow dry my hair I will use the oil treatment to help moisturise and smooth from root to tip. I then sometimes finish off with a spritz of Glimmer Shine to add extra shine or I add some hold from one of the hairsprays.

So what is this magic potion all about that has got me mesmerised..

#Argan oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all the way from the Moroccan desert. Its kind to hair, nails, and skin, even reducing the appearance of wrinkles, I think I should be smothering my body with this stuff...The original treatment itself is a combination of products... It can be used in every step of the hair process from, conditioning tweaking the styles and setting the hair to finish. A perfect 3 in 1 solution to all your hair problems. Just switch the coal for oil this year as this versatile product is definitely the must have treat on everyones #Christmas list.. I love this product so much ,I have been steadily moving my clients over to this brand. They are just as impressed as I am and with the lack off chemicals in the products, we can all feel that we are being little kinder to our hair. After all it is quite often, bleached, coloured, straightened or tonged within an inch of its life, so if we can start off treating it a little kinder then #Morrocanoil is definitely the best start.

Im obsessed! Shop Morrocanoil products here Enter my giveaway here

Written with Love


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