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10 Makeup products I packed for my long weekend in Athens

When I go on holiday, I honestly do not pack a lot of makeup. It is far too hot to be clogging up those pores, but I do like to feel like I have dressed up slightly for an evening.

As we were off for a long weekend we only packed hand luggage. Yes, I really did manage to pack up my life for a weekend into one tiny rucksack! Who knew I could travel so light!

We all know we can only take one measly little plastic bag of mini liquids and not much else in our hand luggage these days.

I managed to condense my makeup bag down to 10 'basic' makeup products that I could squeeze into that little bag and still have room for my skincare faves.

Skincare is key to going on holiday, So many times in the past I have only packed a face wash and just thought sunscreen and aftersun were enough to moisturise my skin, but I always come back and spend weeks trying to get my skin back into good shape again. After years and however many products later, I have found a routine that works for me. I made sure that for this weekend away, to have all of my skincare faves to hand and not just the aftersun.

I decanted them into little pots (that I bought from Primark) and made sure this took priority space over my makeup selection, for squeezing into those tiny plastic bags that they give you at the airport. You can barely get a mini bottle of hairspray in one of those. Needless to say I bought most of my toiletries and sunscreen at the airport; you can get a great selection at Boots ( 3 for 2 )on mini travel size products.

So makeup-wise, I took the bare minimum.

Every morning I would apply my skincare and make sure I had my sunscreen on, as it was pretty hot in Athens at this time of the year. It might be their winter, but you could tell we were the tourists from a mile away; While the locals were all dressed in jeans and coats, I was their typical "brit abroad" that as soon as the sun comes out, the legs come out!

I only used mascara in the daytime. I would give my lashes a quick curl with my lash curler and then swipe on a couple of layers of Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I am not a fan of waterproof mascara, But I will always opt for the waterproof option while I am away. Sunscreen on your face and the moisture from the humidity can end up smudging your mascara. I am not the most attractive in the heat believe me, I swell up like a balloon, so if I can at least keep my mascara on my lashes and not my face, that would be a bonus!

I added a little more makeup in the evenings but kept it minimal it was still warm out, and I still didn't want to overload my face, but I naturally wanted to add a little glam and make up the most of going out as that rarely happens these days.

I still kept my makeup simple and really quick to do.

I used a little swipe of my Anastasia Powder Bronzer to my eye sockets, very softly so you could barely see it was there but just enough to give my eyes a little definition. Powders can be universal; I use them for multiple things, so this powdered blush doubled up for blush and eyeshadow. I used a black gel liner by Maybelline and swiped a simple little wing to the outer corners of my lashes. Tapping a little Bobbi Brown moonshine onto my eyelid, I could subtly glam up my look softly. I believe everyone should have a little touch of shimmer in their life.

My brows were already looking strong as I had tinted and waxed them before I went. so I only used Anastasia Brow Wiz to fill in a few gaps. I am blessed with pretty good natural brows.

I decanted my favourite Armani Luminous Silk foundation as there was no way I was going without this.

I love to apply a very light layer just to even out my rosy cheeks, a few dabs of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to the outer corners of under the eye. I like to use the smallest amount of this product that I can get away with it is lovely and creamy but does have a slightly heavier coverage, so less is more for me.

I then used a Mac creamy blush for a gentle hint of fresh warm cheeks finished off with a quick swipe of my Anastasia Powder Bronzer to add that slight sun-kissed look.

I packed two of Primarks lip pencils in foxy Nude & Rumour. ( I love these!) The consistency of these liners are good, soft, creamy and bendable, so I used one of these and then smudged them into the lip for a barely-there look.

I then applied the smallest amount of vaseline to the middle of my lips to keep them hydrated as the sun was drying them out like crazy. I would recommend taking a lip balm with SPF, you should be using one anyway.

And lastly, the most important, my clients and friends hear this all day long, drink water. Lots of it! This will help keep you hydrated in such a hotter climate than we are used to you, you will be surprised at how thirsty your body really is.

So the 10 Makeup products I packed into the tiny plastic bags for my were:

Discontinued but you can find a similar one here. In shade Improper copper.

That's all I needed and packed into my hand luggage for a beautiful weekend away with the loveliest group of friends. Please take me back!

Disclosure: Some of the Links included may contain affiliate links. When you click on those links, I may receive a small commision for your purchase. It will not affect your order in anyway. I am a NVQ 2 Hair Stylist with over 15 qualifications in the beauty industry. I only promote products that I have used and think are great.

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