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Will I be the ‘Wolf of Wall Street” of beauty?

Hey Friends,

Sorry I actually missed a blog last week. Work has been ridiculously busy and I just thought I'd give you a little insight into what has been going on the last few months and exactly what Hayley did next....

Firstly I want to thank everyone that has gone over to my website to see the new designs. I have been working every hour to get these new pages uploaded, I have managed to embed all my you tube videos over on to my site so that all of my content is in one place. There are a few pages set up so that you don't have to search through all the videos like youtube just to find the one you want. The categories are hair, makeup, style and beauty tips... There will also be another page coming to the tutorial section of my website in April this page is being especially designed for the new releases that will be coming out over the next few weeks, which leads me to talk about the Disney fairy tales that I have been creating.

I have been working like mad on my youtube videos and cannot wait for the releases that are coming starting with “The Beauty and The Beast” at the end of this week. For those of you that have been following my Social Media you will have noticed that I have been creating different Disney characters each week. This was an idea of a lovely friend of mine, at first I was a little bit not sure why I was doing it but as soon as I started applying the make up I really did start to feel like a Disney princess... I totally loved creating the characters so much so that I have a lot more ideas and characters coming to my YouTube over the next 6 months and I am just so excited I could burst. I have also been having a few lighting problems and just generally trying to find who and where I belong on you tube, so I have ordered some new lighting that will help with the makeup tutorials and definitely those selfies. I am listening to your ideas and value your feed back, I know I have so much more to learn and have plenty of time to grow my channel. It is just the start and I have learnt so much already, so thank you for your shares, likes and subscribes on my videos I know that all the hard work and effort is worth it.

My fitness Journey has definitely been put on hold this past month, I think I have only been able to attend 7 days out of the whole month. My work has taken over, however I have made sure I still attend my heart smart and try and get one other day in to keep the stress at bay and to keep my body mobile. The problem has been that I have been eating like I was at the gym, in fact worse so I am going to get back on those scales tomorrow and see exactly what the damage is. I have had a day of complete health today and kinda hoping It might help just a little bit.... so I think il write a fitness blog in a couple of weeks after getting back on track before any more time slips away...

Last night I attended a seminar by Jordan Belfot some of you might know him better as the

“wolf of wall street”. If you haven't read the book then I'm sure most of you have watched the film... of course I had to Leonardo Di Caprio was playing him... Swoon..... however when I first attended one of Jordan's seminars back in 2014 I had no idea what to expect. As soon as this short but stocky guy walked on to the stage I felt myself blush... could it be that I had a slight crush on a 50+ year old man..... he had this aura about him dressed in a dark suit and crisp white shirt he looked fresh. He oozed power and wealth, listening to his story he had the audience gripped on to his every world. This man definitely new how to work his magic, no wonder he had women throwing themselves at him, at the Excel centre full of about 30,000 people he had managed to turn grown men into children, fighting over his courses and his manifesto.... This man definitely knew how to sell.

So when the opportunity to see him again came up I took it. This time it was an evening event at the Apollo Hammersmith. He was as alluring as the first time. He is a brilliant story teller. I can never get tired of listening to adventures and tales, Im a dreamer that can easily get lost in a story for hours. Jordan always leaves me excited, motivated and hungry to get back to work. He inspires me not to work harder but to work smarter. I have achieved so much this year alone that I am up for as much work and motivation that I can take right now. I have never been more hungry than ever to succeed. It was awesome to see him again, he is an amazing inspirational speaker and every knock he has and quite often thats because of his own doing, he just comes back stronger. Has the wolf of wall street learn from his mistakes, only he can tell you that, but one thing for sure I have been listening to his story and I'm hoping I have.

This year has been the busiest craziest year buy far I have been working solid and fitting in other ventures around beautifying my clients. I have been studying all year two evenings a week which in April will be changing two two days a week. I have been working my days off to make up this lost time so I literally haven't actually haven't had a day off since sometime last year... but I have never felt so refreshed and excited about work ever. I spend my Sundays YouTubing, sometimes a video can take anything from 1 hour – 6 hours.... I blame snow white for that long.... then there is the editing and voice over process that can also take anything from 1 hour -4. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I decided to get into Youtube... I had talked about it for years but now that I'm actually doing it I can see exactly why it is a full time job. Trying to film some new releases as well as two hair and beauty tutorials every week, has definitely been taking up all of my free time. I have been up early sometimes trying to get a youtube squeezed in before I actually go to work and then there is these blogs they take up a lot of brain power especially when I'm suffering writers block and trying to get one a week uploaded to my website.

So this year all I have done is work, but I wouldn't change it for the world, I have had tantrums, deleted work and slammed the poor laptop shut on many occasions but I have really been loving every minute of seeing everything I have been creating come to life.... my dreams are finally becoming my reality why would I stop now....there is so much more to come and 2017 is proving to be the most successful by far....

With love


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