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Wherefore art thou Leonardo?

At 41 years old, after having already won a BAFTA, golden Globe, and a SAG award, having been nominated for an Oscar an incredible six times, Leo finally nailed it!

The Oscar was won for best actor for his emotional and dramatic performance of Hugh Glass in The Revenant. Why its taken so many years to acknowledged his amazing acting skills is beyond me.

Leo owned the red carpet,with his impeccable taste in a made to measure Giorgio Armani tuxedo, a crisp white shirt and matching bow tie, simply classic. His shoes were beautifully made by our favourite shoe designer Christian Louboutin, hair groomed to perfection with not even a slight stubble out of place. He looked fresh, like he smelt like he had just walked out of the shower...... oops think my teenage crush is back...where are my emoji love eyes.....

Well done done leo....

With love


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