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What was in my bags at Professional Beauty 2018 ?

Updated: Feb 28, 2018


so I thought I'd take you guys a tour of Professional Beauty and write up this little blog to let you know exactly what I have been buying this year. I attended with my Friend Michelle and we did a short attempt with a little V log, there were a few teething problems with the camera but we managed to get a few shots, so I will be putting that together to upload on Wednesday evening, Its is very short I'v been a little off youtube this year but worth a little visit over to my page. so now lets get down to the real reason we were here. Shopping. Most years I normally I go crazy mad and stock up on my usual products from my usual suppliers from the likes of Sienna X, NYX, Crown, OPI, and Lash Perfect. This year i'm having a lot of time for myself. To chill and take a bit of time out, so I focussed mainly on some other products from different brands mainly for myself to try. As most of you know I have been really into my health and fitness, Iv upped my water intake and really changed my diet. So I thought that if i'm starting on the inside maybe it was time to focus on the outside. I treated myself in the skin care section. My skin had really improved with my water intake but due to stress the last few weeks I have neglected the skin care regime and have noticed my skin is not as smooth as it was. I knew I was going to head straight to Decléor. I couldn't decide what products to try I already had the cleanser and the face cream and wanted to expand my collection. Ideally I would have bought it all, but i'm not sure my bank balanced would allow me. Decléor is definitely more in the high end section of the skin care ranges, which is why it is used in some of the best beauty spas and salons in the industry. So having had too much choice to pick from I picked up a little gift set. This included the cleanser which I already have, but love, so I really don't mind having a double of that. A body exfoliator, moisturising body milk, hydrating serum and an intense glow awakening cream, Il take 100 boxes please.... I love these little sets they are a perfect little collection to start of your Decléor addiction. I even popped another one in my bag for a friend of mine who I know will love this product just as much as me.

We then headed over to Elemis, Michelle loves this brand, she collected the products she wanted, and on her recommendation I grabbed a couple of boxes of their body scrub 'devils mint'. I am currently using Sienna X body scrub, but i'm nearly out and thought I would give this a try, plus it will leave me feeling minty fresh and vitalised all over. What girl could refuse. I also snuck in a hair, nail and body oil. I am a lover of body oils, I just forget that sometimes, and reach for the moisturiser instead. So this could quite possibly get me hooked back on to the dry oils and the body oils. I'm really looking forward to smothering myself after a soak in the bath and feeling refreshed after my body scrub.

Of course I had to look at the makeup, I was a little disappointed that NYX weren't at this years show, but I have an online account so can still stock up on my favourite lippy another time. Im really looking into venturing into other brands this year and one that keeps popping up and catching my eye is 'Ingot' I keep seeing this name everywhere at the moment, being a little curious, I thought I would give it a little try. I am in desperate need of some highlight in my life, both mentally and physically. So I grabbed a few from their collection. With summer coming up at some point surely, with the wide choice of highlighters I opted for a slightly warmer hue and picked “face, eyes, body highlighter in medium sparkler”, this is a nice soft pinky powder that will leave that slight warm glow to your cheekbones. I then grabbed a bottle of their “face and body illuminator, again opting for a warmer shade this liquid has a slightly deeper feel leaving a bronzed sun kissed . I added two pigment shadows to my collection one a red and one a dark bronze. Im really in to my red shadows this winter and wanted to create some red smokey eye tutorials.

So we were nearly done and stopped for a quick tutorial with one of the girls form OPI. She was showing us the new Crome collection which I will be adding to my mani and pedi treatments, definitely this spring. They looked amazing and I will be stocking up on a few different coloured powders... Im not sure what took OPI so long but they finally caught on... Michelle and I made it around the show in a few hours collected all that we were after. I was a little disappointed that less and less of my favourite brands are attending anymore, every year someone has been knocked off the list, whether they are going out of business or just cutting back on costs who knows. One thing is for sure that they do make way for smaller brands to make an appearance, and we can all agree that a change is just as good as a rest.

That was it we were done at Professional Beauty for 2018. It must have been my cheapest visit ever, not dropping hundreds of pounds in seconds, I left pleasantly surprised, satisfied, and I could feel my bank balance smiling with me.

All of the products listed will be in either, a youtube tutorial or in a blog at a later date, so make sure you stay tuned in, so you don't miss out on #whathayleydidnext.

My youtube channel is What Hayley Did Next

Written with Love Hayley

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