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Totally obsessed with NYX

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

What I bought at beauty professional....

I marched straight through the crowds to my favourite make up stand NYX.... I queued for about 20 minutes, (that was amazingly quick compared to other shows the Q is far to long and can't get closer than arms length). After entering the stand I snapped up the NXY powder highlight and contour kit that I was so eager to get my hands on. I slipped that in to my basket a swiftly moved on fighting my way past the eyeshadow sections as I had no hope of getting anywhere near, not wanting to waste any time I grabbed a colour correcting concealer palette ( looks to pretty to use).

I then pulled my way through to my fav section the lips. Having used NYX matte lipstick range before, I am in love.

They are my trustworthy go to for a bold bright lip

. I slipped 5 different pink and red shades and a couple of nude liners into my basket and headed to the till grabbing 4 different shades of eyeliners on my way......

I was absolutely gutted to get home and find my contouring palette broken.... (sad emoji face). But I am loving the new NYX shades and products i'm totally obsessed..

With love


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