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tip of the week...

Coconut oil is my must have all round health ingredient! (I have my friend Becca to thank for introducing it in to my life). Now I never go anywhere without having used this product. Spring is the perfect time of year to start prepping your hair for all those summer braids and crazy colours in the summers heat.

Coconut oil is an amazing oil treatment that can either be warmed up in your hands or easily heated up in the microwave. Apply the oil evenly throughout your hair massaging through from the scalp to the ends. This mini scalp massage will do wonder to wake you up and really nourish your scalp and follicles, its also great for any dry skin or skin disorders. Leave on for a good 10-20 minutes for the oils to sink in, or longer if required. Before washing off I add lashings of shampoo (probably best to use a cheaper shampoo for this step), and massage into a lather, this helps release the oils from the hair to make it easier to wash. once lathered slightly you can wash and condition as usual, then style. This coconut oil gives the feeling of fullness and smoothness to your luscious looks.

Get ready to shine this summer.


Hayley x

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