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The Best Is Yet To Come.

Updated: Nov 24, 2017

Wow what an amazing 5 years I have had... It has been an absolute whirlwind of hair, beauty, courses, studying, experimenting and working extremely long hours 7 days a week. Without you guys none of this would be possible, you have been the reason I can keep going, heading towards my dreams and climb those hurdles. With the support of my family and my very understanding circle of friends I have been able to continue to follow my dream.

6 years ago I was happily working away in a salon in the Westend of London, absolutely loving London working life, and happy to shut up shop at the end of the day. Those fun times sadly came to a sudden end when the boutique salon that I was working in closed down due to unforeseen circumstances. I was then left to look for work on my own, I was pretty terrified of working in another salon I guess I had a bit of a low self esteem and didn't have as much confidence in my work. I thought I could take a few months off and work out which direction that I wanted to go in next and decide where I wanted to work.

During my 'Quiet time” as I like to call it, as I haven't had time to rest since, Clients were calling me and asking me to visit them at home, That was fine, by me I was more than happy to please my clients and visit them during this period of time. I was for the first time independent. I could visit them at times that were convenient for me and them, I quite liked the travelling I got to visit different areas of London, places that I have never been before. This was fun and I was really enjoying it, a lot of my clients were trying to convince me to keep visiting them at home. Now that would have meant me not going back to work in a salon and having a boss, it would mean I worked for myself, Now that was always my long term dream to be my own boss, but this was something that I hadn't considered at this stage in my career, it was more of a long term goal, not for now. The more I talked about the idea, the more I began to like the idea, in fact I loved it.. I had never planned to be working for myself at the age of 26 but theres no time like the present. I did some research I called my excising clientele and rang around insurers and found out about getting myself HMRC registered. Hayley Laws finally became an business on the 11th April 2012.... Having lost most of my excising clientele from the salon due to them being more passing trade and travelling into London for work themselves, I started of with a handful of clients and had to build up my clientele again. I have probably a few hundred less clients than at the salon, but I offer multiple services to my clients. I am able to spend more time with them and and over the years I have definitely gained more or a personal relationship as well as a professional one.

I started this business with nothing but some hair tools and a few clients and have now grown it into a full time business. I started in the middle of the recession and managed to come through the other side. I slowed down for a few years due to illness, but no matter how tired and exhausted I was I still got up, dressed up and turned up, I gave my clients everything I had, they always came first.

Summer of 2015 a date was set for me to undergo heart surgery. I was terrified, I put off previous dates due to not enough notice to give my clients, I was terrified of letting them down. They all had to have good hair before I could finally have my op. I was terrified of losing them. I had worked so hard to get back on top and was scared I was going to lose everything I had worked for. After a horrendous ordeal with complications in surgery and after, I was in and out of hospital a lot or the following 6 months, happily not so much now. It was the most shocking and painful experience of my life, if I had to do it all again, I don't think I could. Thank you my clients who stood by me, who wished me well, who shared their support and remained loyal. At times like this you really learn who really cares and who just wants a blow-dry.... You guys were amazing and the reason I bounced back and had to get well as soon as I could. It has been one of the hardest journeys I have ever had to take.

Over the years I progressed over to the beauty world, I attended classes, I studied and I passed exams, I have twelve qualifications in the hair and beauty industry, I have studied with many colleges and with L’Oreal, I am a recognised Sienna X level Two Spray tanner and you will find me as a recommended therapist on their website. I regularly attended seminars, workshops and courses, I am studying for another four qualifications this year and hope to have a distinction in all four by the summer. I love learning and I am definitely not afraid of hard work. I have achieved all of this off my own back. Its incredible what I have achieved after everything I have been through. Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself of all of that.

Now with this new healthy heart and nearly two years later I am definitely on the road to recovery, I am still not 100% but i'm living every second of my life, I am working full time, studying for exams, trying to teach you all on my youtube channel and keeping up with these blogs. This Life cannot be any more full right now, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have so much more to give you guys and finally after all these delays I can finally start reliving my dreams. There is so much life left in me and I am so excited to show you what I can do next. Now with 15 Years full time experience behind me and 5 years of playing my own boss, its time to move forward and become bigger and better than before, the best is yet to come...

With Love


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