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Now I really believe you can fall in love at first sight.

How is it possible that a little bundle of joy that I have never met before, and has only been in the world less that 48 hours, have me falling over myself trying to get to her. I could not see her quick enough. My heart melted the minute I saw her. She really is perfect. The most beautiful baby I have ever seen. She looks like a little china doll, so fragile and pure. I couldn't believe that my big brother could create such beauty, she obviously takes after her mother...

Jokes a side. I have never been more proud of my brother, I think the last time was when he finally plucked up the courage to ask Rachel to marry him, and look where they are now. They are an inspirational couple with a beautiful baby girl to start their little family. Im sure if Olly had his way there would be a little 5 a side team running around, I'm not quite sure if Rach would agree on that.

Rachel did an amazing job and looks stunning you would never know she had been through all that labour. They are both going to be the most amazing mum and dad, you can see that already.

Parenthood obviously agrees with them, they both seem so natural and it just seams to flow easily, its like the little princess has always been here, they just seem to know exactly what to do. Im sure its not like that all the time but they seem to have picked it up quickly. I am sure over these next coming weeks life will past by even quicker. These past 9 months definitely have. At the moment I'm not going to reveal her name or post a picture, she's not mine to show off and right now I'm keeping her to myself, because she's my niece and I don't want to share her with this world. I wish I can wrap her up in cotton wool but I know there will be times in her life that you need to let them do things for themselves, but right now I promise to love her, protect her, be her friend, guide her, teach her and be one on the craziest aunties she has, ( Jess, her other aunt is just as nuts as me).

I am more than content with holding her in my arms as she snuggles into my neck or reaches out to check I am still there whilst she is sleeping. If I could love my own as much as I love my niece then one day I am going to be the best mummy in the world. I am so totally broody right now... But one thing is for sure I'v still got a hell of a lot more growing up to do first... At least for now, as soon as the crying starts I can pass her over to mummy or daddy.

Thank you Oliver and Rachel for making me the happiest girl in the world right now, I think I can pay you back with countless babysitting duties, I'm sure I might live to regret saying that when she hits the terrible twos.

This precious little bundle touched my heart the way no one has ever before. I am for the first time head over heals in love.

Bursting with Love


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