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Im only human, who can blame me?

Hey you Beauties.

It has been a long, long time since I have had the courage to write a fitness blog.... Yes I did say I was going to carry on losing weight and toning muscle, even after my holiday, that it wasn't just a fad, it was a lifestyle change. But to be fair, I am only human and we all say things like that. But I really really do mean it, I am a girl that normally sticks to her word and doesn't give up until I get what I want. It has been a long hard journey after my heart surgery last year, so I have no choice to make it a lifestyle change. But bad habits cannot be broken over night, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to form new healthy habits. I was extremely healthy surprisingly during my travels in America, however I did eat slightly of track and picked up a few bad habits, sugary food is addictive thats for sure. I was on holiday but I made sure I burnt those calories off racking up an average of 6-18 km walking every day. (let me know if you fancy reading about how I stayed as healthy as I could and exactly what I got up to on my travels, that could be another blog.) I made sure I drank lots of water to cancel out the tequila that continued to flow, and ate as healthy as a I could at every opportunity but I wasn’t going to say no to the occasion chilli cheesy chips or giant sized doughnuts. I think there are far to many buts going on here, I am only kidding myself really. So on my return finding out that I had gained 8lbs in weight after 3 weeks really made me feel guilty, I couldn't quite understand it... I wish I ate 100 family sized doughnuts to myself now... then I would understand the weight gain some of it has to be water... I have been really struggling with water retention after surgery and think that was made worse with the constant travelling and altitude change, at least thats what I keep blaming it on.

After returning back off holiday I haven't quite been able to get to the gym every day but I am still attending at least 4 times a week and where possible I am trying to double up my sessions especially at the weekends. I feel I have managed to shift some of the weight I gained but due to excess water I can gain or lose a couple of lbs in a day right now, and being a female hormones also have a part to play, so its really hard to stay motivated especially when one day I can se my abs and the next its like where did they go ... I am finally as determined as ever I have re found my inner strength and from this day I pledge to get back on track and fit for xmas.... I don't want to be last minute panicking over what dress can I fit into like I do every year. So today is the day to get back on track and start reading my lean in 15 and plan for the next month, organisation is the key and I just need to get focussed, meal plan and plan my work outs. As I am writing this now I have no plan in place for today I am just about to head off to the gym to go absolutely crazy with the cardio machines.... if only we could be lean in 15.

So maybe il pluck up the courage to get back on those scales this week and take a few measurements myself just to see exactly how far behind I am or not, keeping score really helped me stay on track so I have absolutely know idea where I am right now, all I know is that I can see my abs today but have a feeling that could be dehydration from too much partying at the weekend. Not quite sure what happened, I only went to see the fireworks, now I need to light that fire inside me and get my body moving quicker.... I have another month until party season starts again, so theres no pressure. I can do this... I think.

Theres only one thing I am sure of right now, I might be slightly off track with my weight loss and fitness goals, but I have definitely been loving life more that ever. Who can blame me?



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