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Hello Beautiful,

Well, where do I start? I could welcome you to my website and say welcome to my 1st blog post... blah blah blah... but thats how everyone starts I guess. I like to think you are here reading this post because you've accidentally stumbled onto a box of treasures waiting to explode or you've heard I'm good with my hands and want to learn more about the "Girl" behind the chair... I'v worked so hard on this website creating it with love, for you my customers, viewers and readers. It has taken me just over three months to finally perfect this site and share all my information with you.

This blog will be updated regularly to share all my hair and beauty secrets, tips and ideas... Feel free to contact me if there is anything you want me to try, recommend or teach you. This is the proudest moment in my life after all this work I am finally here uploading my website/blog to the internet... Revisit me, draw out my knowledge and I will draw you into my world.

Enjoy my Beauties

With love


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