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A Decade in Business

Happy 10th anniversary!!!!

Well, it was 10 years of setting up my business in April earlier this year, but life is passing away in a blur of bridal parties and long bangs, so the anniversary date completely slipped by.

I just can't let this milestone pass without acknowledgement for only 4 years prior I had contemplated giving it all up!

I was in a tough position in my personal life, my health was suffering, and my whole life had changed direction. I was pretty miserable and a little lost, I needed to figure out what I wanted from life. I couldn't let all those years of education, hard work and dedication go, How would I start again and find another career? I wouldn't have any idea of what I would like to do. Hair and beauty have been my absolute life since I turned 16, and had a job as a Saturday girl in a small salon in Hayes, Kent, So that's spanning a consistent 20 years in the business.

I'm so glad I found the strength to persevere, seek advice and work smarter than I ever have!

Covid very clearly put a hold on my business, not knowing if and when I was ever going to work again, was stressful, to say the least.

Sadly, so many businesses didn't survive the isolation period of 2020 and 2021, but for me, it was a chance to take time out, find my direction and build on my foundations. I have the knowledge, skills and years of experience on my side. I just had to look at the bigger picture, sit back and create a route to get there.

Now in 2022 I am back in a constant flow again, and it feels great with this being my first full year of work since 2019, and I literally haven't stopped!

I am finally in a position that I could never have only wished for many years ago. I am working happier than ever, fulfilling my targets and hitting my Bridal goals of 35-40 weddings per year, alongside my regular clientele. I have made a few lifelong friends in the industry, which is extremely hard in such a competitive world. I have regular meetups with my dear friend Matthew who I worked alongside in a salon in Pimlico before we both went out solo. He is amazing at his job so it's always fun to catch up and talk about new techniques in an ever-changing world. It is so lovely to have a friend that inspires you and whom you have grown alongside for so many years to keep you in the loop.

I have achieved so much in the time that I have been working for myself, and it's in the toughest times that I have to remember all that I have achieved and how far I have come since leaving the salon 10 years ago.

I have gained over 14 qualifications in the hair, beauty and business field since I first qualified as a hairdresser, in addition to the hair and beauty side I do a lot of the "business" stuff myself. I designed the website and try to always make sure it ranks on page one on google for most of the key phrases that I need. I love building the website and SEO stuff it feeds the geek inside of me. There is much more to running a beauty business than just hairdressing and painting people's faces. I am the receptionist, the digital marketer, the accountant, the quote and invoice writer, the driver, the PA, the cleaner and the worker. I single-handedly run all jobs that my business needs to tick over. That's something that I am extremely proud of. I like overseeing all aspects of the business I can see how everything is running and the areas that I still need to improve on to keep my clients happy. There will come a time when I will need to hand over some of the control to another person, pretty soon I reckon, but until then it's just little old me working behind the wheel.

With each wedding I do I feel that I become a better stylist and MUA. I strive to be a better stylist than ever before, being open to and creating opportunities so that in the future, when my life takes a different path, I will always be involved with hair and beauty, I may just take a different route to highlight and curl down. There are always options to keep you moving forward. I have started writing about beauty again and absolutely love this time out. It is my calm, my quiet in such a creative, noisy industry. I have only posted a few blogs this year, however I have plenty more in the pipeline; health updates, wedding tips, and general beauty advice will all be shared over time.

When work gets a little overwhelming or a little 'too busy', I remind myself of everything that has been achieved this past decade. This is a real business, with real people, real reviews, and a lot of dedication.

I have created all of 'This'

It's pretty awesome really.

Thank you to all my clients that have remained with me. Some I have been seeing for over 10 years since my salon days in London. I really couldn't have achieved this without you. Thank you to all those beautiful brides that chose me to be part of your big day. It's been an honour to be that small part of making someone's wedding dreams come true.

Thank you to my small circle that gets it if I only get to see them at their hair appointments and can't always make it out for dinner and drinks. I have chosen an unsociable career, often missing out on events due to working late nights or having to be an early riser. To the people that help me make that business decision if I am feeling a little unsure, you give me that little nudge.

I have to say a massive thank you to my family for putting up with me when things get tough, there were so many times during covid when I shut the laptop and handed in my resignation to myself, but they kept me going.

Lastly, the biggest shout-out goes to Jay, I will never be able to thank him enough for being my biggest supporter, for completely changing my life around, for helping me recognise my dreams, and for directing me towards my goals; For understanding that this is my dream and I work long hours with many weeks away from home so that I can help set the foundations for the best future for us.

The most important thing that I have learnt over the years is to NEVER, EVER compare yourself to anyone. Don't worry about what anyone else is up to, focus on yourself.

Your goals

Your dreams

Your plan.

It has taken the past few years to see that success isn't about how many Instagram likes I get,( it helps ) but, it is about how much my business grows with just little old me behind the wheel, taking each step one day at a time. It's about building my confidence and learning from my mistakes. I have created something amazing, and that's pretty awesome really.

There are so many more exciting things to come, and I cannot wait to see what the next 10 years of success will bring.

Cheers to the next chapter.

Love Always

Hayley xx

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