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7 best fall nail polish shades this Autumn: A must for every fall lover's nail polish collection

Updated: May 22

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Since I am back from enjoying my summer holiday, I can finally admit that summer is actually over and start embracing my favourite season. October arrived on Sunday, so here begins my favourite month of the year. I am so excited I thought I would share some of my most loved nail polish colours perfect for those spiced lattes and pumpkin picking Insta shots.

This bright orange-red shade is perfect for those still trying to hold on to as many of their summer memories as they can. It is a bold shade of red with tones of orange, a shade I would pick from summer through to the end of Autumn. This fiery polish is the perfect pick-me-up to brighten a dull October day. We're not quite ready for Christmas red just yet.

Pick up that cinnamon latte in the nude! Here's one for all you neutral lovers who love to stay in the nude whatever the weather. This creamy shade of beige has subtle hints of pink. It is a timeless classic that has been in my collection for years and has been re-purchased every time I run out.

This ruby red polish is between a berry red and a glass of merlot red.

This captivating dark wine colour will seduce any autumn date of yours. It's a bold, deep shade that will suit any occasion throughout the colder months.

This deep, dark shade is perfect for those who enjoy living on the darker side of life. It's a deep aubergine colour with a pearlescent finish.

It's a perfect go-to shade for those with a strong personality for a late-night dinner date or a meeting with the boss. To be honest you probably are the boss wearing this not to be messed with polish.

Wow, Did someone say Pumpkin Latte? This is the ultimate pumpkin-spiced latte in nail polish form. Its burnt orange pigment is the perfect addition to your autumn nail polish collection. Wear this playful shade on an autumn Sunday walk through the woods or pumpkin picking to your heart's content.

If you want something just as dark and moody but with a little less pearlescent, why not try Essie Wicked? This shade of dark red is a little plainer but will have just as much impact as the black cherry chutney. It is possibly one of the darkest shades of red that I have seen and my collection has been extensive over the years.

China Glaze My Lodge or Yours

This mocha shade with a hint of pink is perfect for an autumn date or a cosy catch-up over a coffee. It's another nude that actually works all year round, but the warmth of this shade will warm up any pair of hands in the colder months.

Let me know what shades are your fall favourites and don't forget to tag me in your spiced latte Insta shots #whathayleydidnext

Let the fall nail designs begin!

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