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10 Bridal hair and beauty tips to try before your Wedding Day

At this difficult time, I have been completely heartbroken by my brides having to cancel their appointments and that I am no longer able to work for the foreseeable future (hopefully only a few more weeks). I totally get why, and I’m completely on board that we are doing this for the greater good. The past few weeks I have been through every emotion going and I cannot imagine what you brides must be feeling, especially those who have had to cancel or postpone their big day. I know that you are devastated, but your day will be just as beautiful, if not more perfect than the original date, I'm sure. Being unable to work myself in this sudden turn of events has been shocking for me It's taken me some time to gather my thoughts and figure out what I can do to help ease the uncertainty at this time. I have managed to speak to those who have cancelled, and I am still here and available to talk to reassure my brides and clients. Most of you I am guessing are working from home during this quiet period, so I thought I'd share some tips to get you ready for when your Wedding Day does arrive. While you are at home, there is no excuse as to why you cannot start.

Here are my top ten tips to help get you bridal hair and makeup ready. And if you’re not getting married, there is no harm in creating these habits for you to do everyday. Why not give it a go and see the difference in your body. Go on, try it.

Top tip #1 Drink!

And I don't mean reach for the bottle as i'm sure many of you probably want to do at this time! I mean drink some water, and then drink some more! I'm a preacher when It comes to water! I love water, it has so many health benefits that so many people underestimate. So why do I suggest to up your water intake leading up to your big day? For one, it makes such a dramatic difference to the makeup application. Makeup artists will know if you have switched your water for a bottle of wine the day before your trial, or if you fancied a few cocktails after work. We do notice these things, you skin will tell us. The more water you drink the more naturally moisturised your skin will be. Over time you should notice that your skin will become more dewy (not oily!) It will have a nice healthy glow as the water helps flush out all the toxins from your daily intake of food and coffee. It also reduces water retention, I am definitely someone that struggles with this. The more dehydrated I am, especially in the summer, my body starts to swell as it holds on to the water. This can be seen in my cheeks eyes and abdomen. So the more water I drink my body flushes this through and it helps beat the bloat! So if you are getting married in high summer and tend to react this way with the heat, I would definitely start the increase now, and get your body used to those litres. On the days that i'm feeling a little sluggish I tend to reach for the caffeine far more than the water, and tend to feel more tired as the day goes on. Water is known to improve concentration levels. Now while you are at home it is the perfect time for you to increase your H20 levels! You will notice the bloat for the first 3-5 days, but who is going to see you! You will be popping to the loo every 5 minutes but at least you don't have to do that hour commute to and from work, desperately trying to avoid the train toilets, because quite frankly, no one likes going in those! I promise you that the need to pee will not last forever. Now is the time, you have pyjama bottoms to hand, to deal with the initial bloating the toilet literally in another room, so what is your excuse. I challenge you to drink between 2-3 litres of water a day and see the difference after the first week, then the first month. You will be amazed at the difference, I know I was. Plus its great for shifting a few pounds, and that's always a bonus!

Top Tip #2 Moisturise

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise... This tip is just as important as drinking water. You will be surprise by the amount of clients that I visit that do not own a moisturiser!!!! If anything I am more surprised by those that do, and there skin shows it. Those that drink well and have a regular skin care regime shine. They really do have amazing skin. Shin that makeup glides onto and looks so glowy and gorgeous without charlotte Tilbury's hollywood primer. This is the skin we all long to have. So I cannot stress how important it is and what an amazing difference it will make to your bridal makeup. I would suggest two different moisturisers one for daytime and a slightly heavier one for the evening to help build and repair skin cells while you sleep. I'm just going to keep it simple with these to moisturisers I could go into oils, serums etc, but that can be left for another day. However if you have found the skin care regime that does work for you, please stick to that. If it works, don't change it unless you have to.

Top Tip #3 Exfoliate.

One last skincare one for you guys! Exfoliate. There's no point being kind to yourself and not doing the prep work. I think of every canvas that I work on as painting a wall. Sounds totally weird right? Il explain.You don't just put paint on your walls and be done with it do you? You prep, and by that I mean you lightly sand them down, white wash sometimes, add a primer if needed, leave it to rest and then you go in with the cutting in, before you go in for the kill. So you take your time, you prep and take all the necessary measurements to ensure that your wall is painted to perfection so that you don't have to do it again. Well that's how I look at all my beauty treatments, to tan you have to paint nails, shave, exfoliate, then I moisturise and cover areas that I do not want to be tanned. To manicure I buff and dehydrate the nails before I start. So why would I treat skin any differently. Sorry this is taking me a really long time to get to the point here but do stick with me. So why would you do all of the drinking of water, slather yourself in moisturiser and then not do the prep work of exfoliating. Exfoliating once a week will help encourage the dead skin cells to come away and encourage new cells to form. These healthy cells will be plump and healthy, helping the makeup application glide on smoothly. I would recommend getting a body scrub as well for your once a week treat. Your arms and neck are most likely to be on show in your wedding dress, so don't just stop at your face. Pamper yourself, your whole body deserves it.

Top Tip #4 Take Vitamins and eat well.

Boost your vitamin levels and eat well. This one is pretty much as important as any of the tips. You cannot put a mask over the top of what damage is being done from the inside. So basically you are what you eat. If you are eating junk food more less everyday, you are without doubt going to break out in spots, feel sluggish and bloated as your sugar levels will not be steady. So while you are at home and gaining an hour or more from skipping your daily commute, you can sit down and have a proper breakfast. Start planning your weekly shop, and decide what healthy meals you are going to eat. You'll have more time to eat fresh food, this is something that there isn't a shortage of, I have checked. So grab a recipe book write down your favourite healthy recipes, and use your one exercise a day to head down to the supermarket and start prepping.

Top Tip #5 Exercise!

If you are stressed this might seem like the worst thing in the world right now, but it is surprisingly exactly what you need to be doing! I'm not saying to go straight in there with weightlifting or joe Wicks, that's tough, I'v tried it and completed his plan!. If your not used to exercise then a brisk stroll for 20 mins a day has amazing benefits for you. It will lift your mood, loosen up those joints and release all that tension from looking at a computer screen all day, and you know what, its completely free!

Top Tip #6 Get more sleep.

Now your missing that hour commute in the mornings you can give yourself an extra 15- 20 minutes in bed. I wouldn't suggest changing your sleeping habits drastically as these can lead to bad habits, but at least an extra 20 minutes would be nice. I have definitely been taking 30 minutes in the day for a sneaky little power nap when I can. Those who don't work for themselves are probably not able to do this, but there's no excuse to not get to bed 15 minutes earlier as you will not be going to the gym or out socialising after work. Take that time for you. For your body to rest and recover from this stressful challenging time.

Top tip #7 Deep condition your hair.

You should be having more hours in the day for you. No socialising not going to the gym, no clothes shopping. So more time for you. You can actually get away with blowing that house party date out the window and just say you are washing your hair, you will not be lying!You probably have worked out a 'hair plan' with your current hairstylist or even your bridal hair stylist. If not now is the perfect time to perfect your plan. You should have worked out how many hair appointments you will be booking before your wedding day. This should cover hair colours and haircuts. I'm assuming that this isolation period might have mixed up a few things, as it has with my clients. So sit back down with that diary and reschedule things as best as you can. Don't forget to order or collect when you are next in the chemist or supermarket a nice, deep, conditioning mask or conditioner I always recommend L'oreal. I have always worked with their professional brand and I would never recommend anything else. I am a L'oreal girl through and through, also because you're worth it! haha

Top Tip #8 Skip the heat

Stop the blow drying or heat styling! Lay off the heat from your hair routine as much as possible. To be honest who is going to see you!!! Just stick on a hat for those facetime apps, or just do some cute little braids or space buns. This is the time to have fun with hairstyles. You don't have to go into the office or been seen in public, go as crazy and as wild as you like! Have fun with it. We are not racing off to work after washing our hair or desperately trying to get it dry before bed. Just embrace the lived in hair life.

Top Tip #9 Go makeup free.

This one has been completely freaking the neighbours out, but has done absolute wonders for my skin. No clogging up the pores, and just gives my skin time to breathe. If you haven't got to go to the shops or if your just going on your hour walk. Why not. The chances of bumping in to anyone you know these days are really slim. You will find after so long with a makeup free face that you will change the way you feel about yourself. At the beginning, the thought of going makeup free is daunting, i'v been there, but I assure you after a while I have definitely started to embrace it, and have gained a little self confidence from this little experiment. Now I go makeup free as much as I can, but a few years ago I would never be seen without makeup. But this, is me. So give it a try, your skin and self esteem will thank you for it.

Number 10 start planning your lip and nail colour! At your trial I can give you all the advice towards colours and bridal trends. I will always show you the most popular bridal colours or glosses, in my makeup kit. Unfortunately, unless you have booked my services for the day and not just for the morning, that chosen shade of lipstick comes home with me. I always advise finding a colour that you like, that makes you feel powerful but sexy. That shade that you love, so that you can top up throughout the day. Get googling and see what's out there, it's always nice to have a nice new lipstick to use for your Bridal makeup application. Who doesn't love that feeling of buying new makeup for such a special day.

As well as lipstick start thinking about your mani/pedi colours, these tend to get left to last minute, and the majority of brides are never happy with their quick decision. There is so much choice out there for you. Are you in to nail art, the classic french polish or even just a plain nude polish. There are hundreds of bridal designs out there, so head over to pinterest and get pinning ahead of time.

So there you have it, my top 10 tips to get you bridal beauty prepping.

You have the time to work on good habits now, and hopefully you will be working on them long enough to keep you going when we get back out into the real world.

Have a go and see the difference that it will make. Trust me it works.

With love


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