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Will I make it to Muscle Beach?

I have finally started a new healthy regime in my life and in order to succeed and remain focused I have decided to document and blog about it from time to time. As some of you know I underwent major surgery last year to extend my life and improve my health. It has been a terribly long, hard journey and finally feel that I am starting to get better. After completing my heart rehabilitation I finally feel safe enough to start pushing my body just that little bit further. So to start my PT (mark) has to take all measurements in order to measure my progress, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and of course my weight. I have put on roughly 2 and a half stone since my op....( tear face emoji) thats right I worked out it was the size of my friends beautiful boy 2 and a half times over, who knew I was nearly carrying triplets! (I hide it well)

This dramatic weight gain is down to not being able to exercise, lots of medication and also I guess I used the feeling sorry for myself card, the well iv just had heart surgery so I deserve this cream cake and chocolate brownie, or one more cookie wont hurt!!!! its time to stop kidding myself. I have just booked a trip to California, iv got to get my bum into gear....

My body has been though so much and with this added weight I am struggling, I get back ache, its harder to bend down as somehow something (my belly) seems to get in the way. I have never dieted, I’ve always been pretty healthy I would say I have been lucky but iv always worked for it. I downloaded my fitness pal to use this to record my solids, liquids and exercise, I am a very visual person so to see it all written down helps me to realise what I am actually putting in my mouth. I filled my fridge up with the freshest and healthiest food I could find so that there was no temptation put in my way. The first week wasn’t the best as I was away seeing family in somerset so I was 'on holiday'. I really need to stop finding excuses. Week 2 I ate so healthy and worked out every day so when it came to my weigh in with my PT I had convinced myself I had lost 3-4lbs, I was so excited to jump on those scales, so I did. My heart sunk, I had gained a couple of pounds and even an inch around my waist, how could this happen I had eaten a vegan diet for that second week and exercised every day, I was literally a rabbit!!! ahhhhh.... I even made Mark find another set of scales as they had to be wrong, no way was I believing they were right, again I hopped on the scales and again they looked at me with the same digits, ok lets face it the scales don't lie.... I felt defeated. I had noted all my food and liquid intake and worked out at least 7 hours that week.... maybe I was a secret eater that eats while I sleep. I wish my body had deflated and not my mind. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought, my body definitely has changed. Anyway anyone that knows me knows how determined I can be, its just made me want to work harder. With the help of my gym buddy Becca and Mark I can get this body back in shape I just have a six roll of fat in front of my six pack, no biggie, just got to dip deeper and push myself to stretch my limits.

You can follow my process on Instagram and find out if Im going to make it to LA muscle beach, or end up being the beached whale this summer.


Hayley x

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