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Today I got asked, Why did I start blogging???

Erm well to be honest I thought it was a great way to bring traffic into my social media pages and my newly designed website. One of my dreams is to be recognised for all the hard work i'v put in over the years. I have fourteen years experience and have been working freelance in the hair and beauty business for the last four years, I am now into my fifth, its time I upped my game.

I have been incredibly happy beautifying my variety of clients, now its time to start branching out to new ventures within the industry. Im not kidding myself, Im obviously not the youngest blogger out there and nowhere near the most experienced, but after life saving surgery(going for the sympathy votes here) it was time to focus on new things and broaden my skills in all types of beauty aspects. Iv always loved to write and introducing it back into my life, I have so much to learn (Im actually admitting that I don't know it all). I love makeup, hair products, and selfies so what greater excuse to visit Carnaby street, yes i'v said it before but it really is the eeny, meeny, miny moe of makeup stores. Here I can immerse myself in makeup, and hair products, then upload my selfies and creations, checking every few seconds how many love hearts I have, I love my job more than anything, It is the most rewarding and satisfying job in the world. Having collected 14 certificates, its time to learn new skills, and create more dreams, blogging seemed to fill the niche in my life, teaching me not just about these products but also about myself. Who knows where it might lead, but thats what dreams are for.



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