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Time To Strip Back & Bare All.

So this year one of my only New Years resolutions, will be to actually “up my skin-care game”. I'll be totally honest with you, I never have had a really good skin care regime. On many occasions I have been so tired from long days working as a hairstylist and makeup artist, that after my 12 + hour days the last thing I actually think about is taking off my makeup. Bad I know. It's terrible because I do work in beauty after all, but we don't always practice what we preach. So my new skin care regime consists of only 4 things for the moment, and I'd thought I'd share them with you.

Eye Make-up Remover.

I love removing my makeup with NO7 Revitalizing Eye make-up Remover. This is so gentle and easily removes mascara and heavy eye makeup in a couple of wipes. Its so easily the oil softens the mascara and helps break it down to make it easy to remove. You just shake the bottle to activate the ingredients and your good to go. Iv tried many eye make-up removers over the years and this is by far the best under the toughest circumstances. You can buy this at pretty much any boots stores and quite often they will hand out money off vouchers for the range so there really isn't any excuse not to buy.


I use Décleor Aroma Cleanse. This is a 3 in 1 hyrdra-radiance smoothing and cleansing mousse. This creamy concoction glides on so smoothly. Its so creamy and soft against any delicate skin. Its a higher-end product but has easily become one of my forever must haves in my beauty bag. This product always leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised after using. Unlike some other harsh cleansers. I never use face wipes to cleanse or remove my makeup. I find they contain harsh chemicals, and you have to wipe harder therefore they leave my skin sore and irritated. My face is so sensitive due to my high hormone levels. So this is definitely the best for my sensitive skin.


At the moment i'm staying away from a heavy moisturiser. My hormones are so up and down at the moment so i'm suffering with my skin and battling the oil. Right now i'm using Facetherory Regenacalm Serum. This serum is designed for blemishes and areas of hyper-pigmentation. I never really suffered from acne as a teen so I don't have any scarring or blotches for this to work best on. But my skin can be quite patchy and I have naturally rosy cheeks, so I thought id give it a try.This was recommended to me by a client and now I can see why she swears by it. Its not a quick fix, but its definitely working in progress. My skin is starting to seem more even and hydrated. I really love applying this serum just before I apply my foundation. It blends effortlessly and stops any flaking or dull appearances, that I can be left with when my skin is suffering. I love the dewy look that this leaves me with. I'm so happy with this product that i'm definitely looking into the full range to see what I can add to this regime.

Water Lastly water and lots of it. We really underestimate how much water is good for the body and skin. It helps flush out those toxins from your daily coffees or six in my hairstylist world. It helps lift and clear my fuzzy head, and really helps with my concentration levels throughout the day. I aim for 2-3 litres a day. If you find it hard to drink water try adding fruit, lemons, oranges and strawberries are really good. To naturally flavour the water, but make sure you brush your teeth well as fruit is high in natural sugars.

I'm going for the “less is more” right now, to try and not overload my skin with oils and heavy products. These three products are the best combination for my skin. Low chemicals and light on the skin. Sometimes we do far too much to our skin desperate to improve it. This can overload it making it 100x worse. Sometimes you need to strip back to the bare minerals and add a little more as the skin improves. This way you can work out what actually works and what doesn't. What better time to evaluate our products, clean out that beauty bag and start again than a new year.

Written with love Hay

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