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The ‘icing on the cake’...

It has been a month into my new weight loss and fitness regime and we all know my hard work wasn’t rewarded at my first measurement check, I gained pounds and inches to my frame. I used that defeat and turned it into positive energy to help me focus on the prize. It made me more determined. I was ready for an extra two weeks of counting calories and slogging my way through the gym. I upped my training routine and upped my hours, I started slogging out twice a day on a few occasions, Who knew that twice a day at the gym was actually a thing? I couldn't believe it , I actually saw the morning group of crazy fitness people also at my evening sessions, wow I really though I was the crazy one.... Apparently this is the norm and I am slowly catching on!

They say (i'm not quite sure who) it takes 21days to make a habit and 21 days to break a habit. For me this most definitely is true. I am today just over 4 weeks into my routine and now exercising has become natural to me once again. I feel guilty until I manage to make it to the gym or do some sort of exercise each day. I am dedicated to this new me and mentally setting myself challenges and goals. I do believe in eating everything in moderation, then you can enjoy everything you like. However this only works when ur body is already at your target weight, mines not just yet, I still need to lose to get my body back to where I want it to be. It's not just exercise alone that is going to help me reach my goal Iv been focused on eating healthy. I think either my stomach has shrunk or that i'm just eating the right foods that fill me up for longer, Iv found i'm not as hungry throughout the day and my portions have become smaller as I get full up quicker.

Talking to people about my journey I have had some people recommending cleanses or shakes for a quick fix. I have nothing against cleanses and juice diets, i'm just terrified of depriving my body of anything it wants as I am still healing. My friend has tried a cleanse recently and her exact words were “ah my cleanse was terrible, I lasted one day after all that! It was pretty grim! Back to just super healthy eating instead.” I'm not saying anything negative about them, and they might work for some people, I love the idea of a quick fix, I mean i'm sure il love a bit of botox when the times right ( il prob be allergic), but I want a lifestyle change and thats what I encourage others to find. For me personally I have learnt that life is to short, I love food far to much to deprive my body from eating I just cant do it, id rather eat my calories than drink them, I just love food. That is my problem.

Now its time to get down to the real details, Mark (PT) got out his tape measure and scales, not knowing which one of us was most nervous after all my effort I just had to lose. High five for Hayley, I did it... I lost 4lbs thats right nearly 2 bags of sugar...... an inch of my waist and an inch of my hips.... Looks like Mark has finally kicked my bum into gear, and inspired me to keep going. Talking amongst friends I am please to be passing that inspiration on with one joining slimming world and another signing up to a gym..... I'm obviously just as passionate about this as I am about my beauty, I guess there is a link, it is what you put in to your body that shows on the outside. My job is very rewarding and knowing that i’m motivating people to get fit is the “icing on the cake”.

You can follow my process on Instagram @hayleylaws9 or even check my stats on my fitness pal also Hayleylaws9, and find out if Im going to make it to LA muscle beach, or end up being the beached whale this summer.


Hayley x

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