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Thats pretty awesome for the amount of summer loving...

Im going to start this health blog off a very similar way to my last fitness blog..... Iv slacked. Slacked, slacked, slacked, slacked, slacked. I have found that summer time is the worst time of year to try a new fitness and healthy eating regime.

This journey is getter harder and harder by the day. Im really starting to struggle, I have managed to catch a cold... (no, it’s not hay-fever and haven’t been able to shift it for the last couple of weeks). This could be down to burning the candle at both ends. Im at the height of my career and somehow it has been the busiest time of my social life ever, and I am trying to find time to hit the gym and make sure I exercise every day. I really can’t complain but think I am trying to make up for the last 30 years of living. Iv had lots of day trips, birthdays, BBQ, late lunches, pub crawls, lazy days and a few to many porn-stars . So my fitness levels have really been dented, and calorie consumption increased.

Due to my cold, which I probably given to every one in the gym by now🙈, I had to reduce the amount of cardio as it’s really hard to breath in deeply with a bunged up nose. So my cardio has not been top of my game these last few weeks, and if you’ve even realised that this is a three week check and not a two week, then well done your more awake than I am. This was just because mark was crazy busy and just didn’t have the time😢. I understand sometimes life just isn’t all about me (shock😱). New patients have joined in our cardiac classes so to be fair they needed his attention more than I did. I could really have done my measurements myself, but think that would make it a lot easier for me to hide away from the truth. At least with Mark doing it I can’t lie about the measurements, and it makes me want to impress every time, 🙌🏼 he’s going out of his way so I need to show that I’m not wasting his time and prove how much I really want this.

I started jogging on the treadmill, I would rather run on the streets as I find it a lot more enjoyable. But to be completely honest with you I am terrified of exercising outside of the gym. I just don’t feel safe on the streets just yet. It's so silly but i’m really scared that if my heart decided to do something out of the ordinary it would be that one time, (any jogging buddy’s out there). I might not mentally be ready for the streets just yet but I know that my health has definitely improved. I have never been an amazing jogger, and have never been able to run for more than a couple of minutes at a time without getting breathless and switch to walking. I finally smashed that record to an amazing 6 minutes 30 seconds before I ran out of breath... wow! That is nothing to you normal people but for me thats all I needed to spur me on. Thats the greatest feeling in the world that I actually can do something that I have never been able to do ever before . Our bodies are a lot stronger than we take them for, they adapt easily, but if you don’t push yourself you will never know what your body is able to do. Thanks Jess (baby sis) for keeping an eye on me that day even though you were freaking out a bit. I have switched up my cardio and reduced my times, I am focusing more on strength training, squats, dumbbells, kettle bells, and using some of the gym machines, (don’t be scared of weights girls,)this is so that I am making sure I am working out but these are not too tough on my lungs as they have been struggling the last few weeks.

Measurement check ... I lost 1.5lbs in weight, just under and inch off my chest, just under ½ inch off my hips and just under an inch off my waist. Apparently i’m still on track. To be honest I really didn’t expect to lose anything, but it goes to show that you can enjoy yourself as well as living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to everyone that is messaging me congratulating me on my hard work and those who are keeping me updated on theirs. I’m glad we can inspire each other and keep up the good work.

Now this time I promise to cut back on the parting, I want to feel healthier than ever and with only 5 weeks to go till I’m jet-setting of to LA, I need to be more focused than ever. Im still losing and thats pretty awesome for the amount of summer loving I have been doing. 👊🏼💪🏽✨


Hayley x

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