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Since when did we become “too busy”?

Updated: Nov 24, 2017

We are always “#too busy”. “Too busy” to catchup with long lost friends, “too busy” for phone calls to our family members, “too busy” to let the old lady cross the road (you just know she will take ages), “too busy” to remember to really live our life, and too busy to realise that maybe we need a little bit of help. I've been seriously slacking on the blog front, I've just been “too busy”. And in fact I have been that busy that I didn't even realise that my health was struggling since last year. Wow I must have been that busy I couldn't even take time out for my own #health. I like to think I am someone who always puts my clients, friends and family before myself. Now its time I started listening to my body and take a little time out. I have been feeling a little tired since last October and have been having a few test done but nothing has been showing up strangely. I started to notice that I was getting breathless and that my heart was beating a little harder. I didn't really take much notice. As I said, I was busy and tiredness has been with me my whole life. I didn't think much of it, after all who isn't tired these days? With so many of us trying to cram so much into our days, with work, exercising, trying to eat healthy, socialising and again exercising to burn off that extra bottle of bubbly on what was meant to be a casual Monday. Tiredness was all part of living life. With my heart beating a little faster I started to actually feel the tiredness. I would get out of breath just picking something up or even walking down the stairs. At the back of my mind I kept thinking that something wasn't right. After heart surgery surely I should feel a hell of a lot better. But what is " #normal" ? I had been ill for 90% of my life, I wasn't quite sure what I was suppose to feel. Only when it started to effect me while I was working I started to doubt the doctors, was my surgery really a success? Has my heart really healed? After 27 years of missing my defect and six months of convincing them something was wrong with my heart, I didn't really have much faith in Doctors. After all, my test results in October and early this year coming back negative, I started to doubt myself. Was this a mental illness I haven't discovered yet? Was I a hypochondriac? I began to think I was going mad. I was still attending my exercise sessions with Mark, as this was the only day I was able to make the gym and somehow managed to find a little bit of energy inside of me. This particular day I was feeling really uneasy, my heart was pounding, definitely a lot harder than usual. I walked in the gym and was profoundly sweating before I even started. If this was burning off calories without the effort, this was great. Mark took my heart rate and it was a little erratic and slightly faster than a normal resting hearty rate. He convinced me to go to the doctors, so I did. In order to see the #Cardiologist they have to take a full set of bloods.

7pm on a Friday night I received a call I really wasn't expecting. They had received the results of my bloods the same day and it flagged up that I had Hyperthyroidism, an over active thyroid. Looking back at my blood results I hadn't been tested in over a year for my thyroid. So from some point since last may things have become slightly unbalanced. The thyroid controls the heart and heating system which will explain the symptoms. I was pretty much text book. I had almost every symptom possible. People that have an over active thyroid tend to eat more and lose weight due to their metabolism speeding up. This would have been amazing for my diet, but somewhere, somehow I must have missed that memo. So after receiving that call I had an appointment Monday morning to receive my information booklet, emergency blood forms, normal blood forms and a little selection of pills. They have started me on my Thyroid medication, upped my dose of beta blockers, and I'm taking a handful of pills a day. By taking these medications to improve the health of my #thyroid, it can, in turn effect another part of the body. It is making me feel slightly unwell at times. This drug can attack the bone marrow and kill a few white blood cells. If I get unwell I have to visit the hospital and have emergency blood test to see if they have dropped. Right now I'm trying to hold on to as many as possible and trying to avoid any sick people. I'm trying to stay out of hospital until I see the specialist to see exactly what has triggered my thyroid problem. This could have all been sorted a long time ago. After last time you would have thought that I would learn to trust my instincts by now. I just wish I had slowed down a little bit to see the signs. I just kept myself busy until I had to stop. Life shouldn't be like that we shouldn't be masking our health issues. We should slow down a bit and really listen to our bodies. Mine was trying to tell me for so long thats its taken a toll on my body and might be a while longer until we know what is wrong and how It can be healed. So please don't take advantage of your body, no matter how healthy I have always looked, I have never been well, illnesses can be invisible, so take some time out and learn what your body is telling you.



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