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Sienna X's best kept secret..

Updated: Nov 20, 2017

Every one knows that as soon as the sun starts to hide away I will be smothering my self in one of Sienna X's little rays of sunshine. My cupboard contains every shade and every product, and with a little game of eeny, meeny, miney mo... and depending on the weekends shenanigans, I pick the potion to suit. So feeling the cold this past month and feeling a little lazy... I decided it was time to try out my Sienna X 1hr self tanning product. I braved the winter chill and stripped down to get ready to apply the lotion to my shivering body, I hoped that injecting a little sunshine in to my life will instantly warm me up. I of course used Sienna X self tan mitt that I love... It feels so velvety smooth along my skin and it helps the application of this silky lotion glide over my body effortlessly, making sure to not miss any areas really blending around my ankles and feet, and taking extra care around my hands and wrists. I also treat an application of Self tan exactly the same way I would a Spray tan. I still apply a light layer of barrier cream to my dry areas, elbows, knees, feet and then I apply a thicker layer to my hands as I must wash them a hundred times a day, so the tan either sticks to them because the are dryer or the fade quicker so I like to keep the hands as lightly tanned as I possible... After I had applied the tan I had an hour to wait, actually Il be honest I really like the hit Spray tan after I have left it on for an hour and a half to get that slightly deeper glow. So having not tried this #selftan before I opted to play a little safer and set my timer for 1hr 15 to see exactly what this product can do.... Shower time, the whole entire colour guide washes straight off looking like it had taken my tan with it. At this point if I hadn't tried the spray previously, I would have felt like Sienna X had just sucked my soul down the plug hole. I wasn't too concerned at this point and always warn my clients that this will happen as the colour then develops for the next 6-8 hours. So I took myself off to bed. Its great to get into bed knowing I will wake up beautifully bronzed and also tho think that I will not leave a mark of my crisp white bead sheets... amazing! Can this tan get any better.....?

So with one eye open I inspect my body slowly like I have never seen my hand before... its perfect I blended so well I have no white fingers or orange palms, I am beautifully bronzed from head to toe... and I love it, There is no better feeling waking up like you've just walked off the beach, Sienna X definitely make my day, since my busiest season of the year (#christmas eek!) is sneaking up upon us. This is definitely my go to product for those last minute parties and working so hard I cannot be getting in the tanning tent myself at silly o'clock at night. This is perfect for me to slap on in between clients, with no worry of streaking or leaving it on for longer.

I am loving this product so much that I have decided to include it in my " #GIVEAWAY " over on my social media sites. This really is a fail safe product you cannot risk missing out on. You couldn't ask for more from this 1 hour tan, it is made for you express tanners out there. Its perfect for brides, mum's, or anyone that generally has very busy lives, even you last minute party people. Like I have previously said in my “Beautifully Bronzed” blog, #SiennaX have definitely perfected this formula, a best kept secret, that i'm sure if I had discovered it, I would have certainly bottled it myself.

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Written with Love


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