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No longer a sausage about to burst...

I have to admit the last two weeks I have slacked a bit with the healthy eating as I had a few events scheduled so I ended up eating out a few times, and of course I was celebrating England’s first game in the Euros 2016 so a few alcoholic beverages were going around easily... I definitely felt not so clever after that over indulgence, I felt tired, bloated and just generally really lazy I couldn't wait to flush it all out my system. I knew I was unfortunately unable to eat at home for a few of these occasions so to make up for it I made sure I worked out twice as hard. I still slogged away in the gym everyday and attended twice on the few occasions that I could. I was determined to burn off the calories that I had eagerly consumed.... I really upped my water intake, cut back on the carbs. I downloaded a new playlist to help keep motivated in the gym.

Measurement time....Yes I lost another 2lbs, an inch and a half of my chest and just under 2 inches off my waist...another high five for Hayley.. wow this is probably my biggest lost yet. I couldn't believe it thats nearly an inch a week, I can start getting back into some of my old clothes. (Beck if your reading this remember that dress I tried on for a night out. I looked like a sausage bursting though its skin😓 Well thankfully it doesn’t look like that anymore, sorry no pics of that to show).... Now I weight the same as Mark (PT ) yes thats right I weight the same as a guy whose job requires him to be fit and retain muscle...🙈🙈🙈 Yes that weight looks good on him, however i’m not convinced that I can pull it off. My weight loss these last two weeks was a bit less than I had hoped but I understood that was due to over indulging. Iv said it before that I believe everything in moderation, but right now I cant do that until I reach my goal. Mark has advised me that its probably going to get harder, that I need to step it up a bit more, to reach my target sooner.

I know I had previously said in my last health blog that I don't get along with cleanses and juice diets as they just don't work for me. But i'm pretty happy to have the occasional juice if I am in a rush and short on time, between clients. Im sure a juice/smoothie with a healthily balanced diet is ok. I am completely addicted to grapefruit at the moment, I thought i'd be clever an experiment with it in a smoothie...... No no no no no....grapefruit is meant to be eaten on its own..... grapefruit with just grapefruit... nothing else. I struggled to finish the smoothie as I didn't have the time to make anything else, But yuck, please do not try this at home. This left me with a feeling of disappointment. I need to be more organised with my food. I need to start planning my meals for the week and start prepping meals so that I don't just grab the wrong foods. Im going to see what tasty treats I can bake as well, kinda getting a bit bored of the celery sticks.

My body is definitely changing shape I am finally getting my curves back in the right places and starting to feel sexy again... There is nothing more inspiring than finding your lost confidence... I feel great, I have more energy than ever ( could be down to the new heart) but my body is responding to my hard work, my skin and hair are healthier than ever...... this just motivates me want to reach my goal sooner. Im loving life right now and have such enthusiasm for living it.😍😍😍

Now I need to up my game a little bit more. Im running out of ideas... I need to start thinking outside the box....


Hayley x

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