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My Fat Fitness Fail.

Updated: Nov 24, 2017

Sorry guys I actually missed a blog last week and very nearly, easily, lazily missed this weeks as well. Thats all down to me being weirdly very unorganised. I have so much going on in my life right now I really am finding it a little bit hard trying to get everything done.

Those of you that know me, all know how much I am totally convinced that I m wonder woman. Hummm I think I should bring the blue hair back this spring, any way back to my original thought. I like to think I can do everything, and I sure as hell will try, unfortunately less urgent things do get left to the side, sadly I missed a few YouTubes and a few blogs, but I am getting 100 percent back on top. I promised you months ago that I will write up a fitness blog for you guys as I haven't written one in forever. Ok slight exaggeration, not for a long time anyway. So here goes my latest fitness blog.

The past month I have been one fat #fitness fail. Yes thats right I failed for the whole month. All my hard work and last years motivation finally wore thin. I think I entertained the thought of working out far more that I actually hit the gym. I skipped a couple of lessons with PT Mark in my #heart smart session, I felt miserable, lethargic and just exhausted. I felt a little down about it so of course what else could I do other than fill my face with food, lots of food. Thats right I actually comfort ate through the upset of not exercising, thats totally crazy I know, then I would just make my self feel worse so that another slice of cake was needed..... fml (for my life) I needed help.

I decided to make small little steps to get my mind back there, to get excited and pumped back into my healthy lifestyle, after all it is a #lifestyle and how I really want to live my life, to help me stay healthy and keep on track. I just had one month of a blip and thats really ok, we all have to take time out sometimes and do what we need to do to feel better about ourselves. I have been under a lot of stress, and we all deal with it in different ways. I thought saving my energy and avoiding the gym was the best way for me, but it wasn't. Exercising is the best thing for keeping my mental state healthy and my stress levels low, so why I avoided it I don't know. I updated the My Fitness Pal app and started eating healthy last week. Having only one month off track, I really struggled to try and stick to it, but I persevered. The difference one week of eating well can make, good food can really do wonders, my skin is starting to get a little clearer my hair was terrible. It really is surprising how what you consume on the inside, really shows on the outside. So kick starting my #healthy eating regime made me actually feel less sluggish, so I headed back to the gym yesterday for the first time in weeks. wow it was a pretty good workout, i'm not sure if it was the fact that I had a fireman sitting next to me on the bike, or a policeman on the weights. But that workout went past really quickly, so now I really feel like I am well and truly back on track. Eating healthy and exercising go hand in hand. When you get motivated with one it leads to the other, when you eat healthy you have more energy to #exercise. When you exercise you want to eat well. Theres absolutely no point of slogging for an hour in the gym to go home and eat a big fat pizza, I mean exercising can only do so much you need to get the food consumption right as well, its all about moderation. Don't get me wrong I will still go out and enjoy myself this weekend, but as long as I am on track i'm heading in the right direction. While i’m still blogging about my journey from my heart stopping to heart smart I'll continue to keep getting back on track and hopefully stay there, after all it's nearly summer and I am very near to my one year review, I can't let you all down.

Written with Love


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