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Mother’s Day Must haves.

So Mother's Day Is nearly upon us, are you ready to spoil the first love of your life....Have you ordered your flowers, picked your card from the shop, and booked your tables for dinner...If not here are my 5 beauty must have's to set mothers day off, and get spring well and truly started.

1. Surprise her senses with the delicious scent of Jo Malone's Nectarine blossom and honey. This good enough to taste perfume infuses the notes from the fruits of nectarine, peach and cassis along with fresh spring flowers and the sweet taste of honey. This playful perfume makes the perfect present for any occasion.

2. Treat her to a beautifully scented candle from . Fill her house with this lightly scented "English rain" one of my favourites from their collection This perfect fresh smell brings the outside, inside with its gentle formula that burns quietly with a slight crackle of the wooden wick, this calming sounds is a perfect contrast to this fresh uplifting blend of lily of the valley, gardenia, raindrops and mist” spring has most certainly arrived.

3. Pamper her and leave her feeling like she's had a mini mani, with OPIs beautiful array of colours available to by from my shop.... my favourites would be to paint her pretty in my favourite shade of all “The Berry Thought of you” this beautiful berry pink is the perfect colour to introduce spring into your life, or add a bit of pink sparkle to the occasion with 'On pink and Needles. If pink isn't her colour why not lighten the mood with 'make light of the situation' or chiffon my mind' these sheer shades will complement any outfit.

4. If you can’t afford to whisk her away this spring, why not bring the sun to her with SiennaX Q10 self tan mousse. This subtle holiday glow is perfect for creating that sun kissed look, if you think she wont have time, don’t worry this glow is ready in just 2-4 hours. It glides softly onto the skin and creates a flawless streak free colour. (Available from my shop).

5. Failing all of the above, or if you’re feeling even more generous, why not book in a treatment with me to pamper your mum, book in a mani or a blow dry to get her ready for your lunch or dinner date... gift vouchers can be available for whichever treatment you decide.

What ever you do this Mother's Day make sure you spoil her rotten and make her feel a million dollars, because she's not one in a million, but one in a life time. She's your mum and you only have one chance show her how much you Love her.

Love Hay

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