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Mark suggested the rower... God I hate the rower.... Correction I hated the rower...

Soooo I did it well Mark (PT) actually did it. He convinced me go get on those scales .... I have been feeling slimmer than I have for a while. I have well and truly been living life to the full. Slightly over indulging on the food front and definitely consumed more tequila than the whole of Mexico put together. But life is for living, it's just all about finding that balance between living life and living a healthy life. I think I am finding that balance and it has definitely taken time to change my lifestyle, I finally feel happy with the life that I'm living. Work has been crazy, amazingly busy over the past few months and is only going to get busier towards the end of the year. I have only been able to get to the gym about 5 times a week instead of everyday thats one extra day than my last blog (go me). I have where possible doubled my Sunday sessions and the occasional Saturday.

My exercise regime hasn't really been slacking so I decided to look into my diet and see where the calories have been sliding through the net. I don't have and sweets, chocolate or exciting biscuits in the house only the rich tea kind so I don't have to worry about having a binge on those.. Im trying to keep fruit and veg stocked up to snack on in between meals so I don't reach for those rich teas. Looking at what I eat in a hurry when I got a busy day I can see that my weakness is definitely cheese and bread.. I just end up eating cheese and my mite sandwiches ( try it u'l like it) all the time because I haven't meal prepped. That's something that seriously needs to change. Cutting out bread from my diet before my holiday worked wonders for me. I have been trying out some tasty recipes form The body coach's lean in 15 book, they really are good, but Im yet to sit down and plan my meals for the week , I haven’t quite got the hang of that. I need to be more organised with my food diary and make sure there are always healthy snacks in the cupboard. Thats my goal for the next week.

Since I am feeling fitter with the cardio workouts I have decided to focus on particular muscle groups at a time instead of not having an aim at the gym and just going for whatever happens. I am focussing on my abs, glutes and back, they are my real problem areas. Mark (PT) suggested the rower... God I hate the rower.... Correction I hated the rower... After only 4 short sessions of 10 mins on level 10 I have noticed a difference already. I am lucky in that I have previously had a toned body from the years of abuse, sorry I mean exercise that I have done since a child, that I can start changing and building muscle very easily, but I was amazed at how quickly this machine worked. I guess they don't call it the full body work out for nothing. I think I am going to be completely addicted to this machine as I am already loving the results.

So Mark (PT) got me on those scales and I was dreading every minute of it, I refused to drink anything from my water bottle, and kept running to the toilet trying not to add, or to shift as many pounds as I could, not that I think that would make a lot of difference but a girl can try right?... As I knew I had gained since holiday, I have managed to shift some of that weight to just a 2.8lb gain from before, thats the best weight loss for a while, my waist has increased along with my hips but my chest has got surprisingly smaller. That could be due to the fact that I have been laying of the chest exercises due to a few aches and pains. But all in all not a bad result, il take that. Reading back over previously blogs I really can see how far I have come this year. Weight loss is not easy, it really is a struggle, and a slow process for me. I have definitely been up and down and fighting to keep it off, I cannot wait to get into those winter clothes that I was unable to last year. I might still be packing a few extra pounds but at the moment they are a reminder of what a rollercoaster this past year has been I am happy to have a few extra layers to keep me warm on those chilly mornings, I just have to remember that my body has been through a horrendous ordeal, I am still healing so whats a few extra pounds, I have to be grateful for them, cause they mean I am still here whether il be on the naughty or nice list who knows but at least il be waiting for Santa this year.

with love

Hayley x

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