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I'v found the "Warrior" inside of me

Updated: Nov 24, 2017

Woohoo, I have finally got back into my fitness again.... Some of you know I have had a major battle with my health again this year so the gym was ticking by once a month, if that. I was feeling soooooo tired and just no motivation to do anything. Having every symptom going for an overactive thyroid, I finally received the fast metabolism and the weight loss memo. I was for the first-time starving.... I ate every couple of hours, and I really ate. My diet went completely off course. I completely missed the feeling of being hungry and I just went from nothing to starving in minutes. Obviously, I wasn't really starving but I had to eat straight away, so quite often it was bad choices. There was no time to prepare healthy food. It was like that with thirst, pain and other problems. Hyperthyroidism turns your body “hyper”, so everything is working crazy fast, everything is an extreme and working so much harder... It was great... I could eat anything and everything and still lose weight. It completely kicked of my diet again. Obviously, I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, as we all know the best way to lose weight is healthy eating and working out.... I lost 9 lbs in a month... that’s a bit extreme for not eating healthy and not exercising. No wonder I was feeling so ill. My heart and body was working at a crazy speed for that sort of weight loss.

So now It’s just over a month and a half since I started the medication, the drugs are finally starting to bring down my hormones levels to back on the scale, still high, but at least I’m not turning into the Hulk every few seconds.... I know I’m Hormonal at the best of times but my god I must have been pretty much impossible to be around for most of this year. At least I have been so occupied with work that my friends have been lucky they haven't seen me at the worst of times. I was very emotionally and physically drained. Somehow, I managed to pick myself up and the drugs started to work. I found this energy from somewhere to attend my first yoga session with my friend Rachel taking the class. After the first session I felt amazing, having done yoga and Pilates previously I had forgotten how much I loved it. I really did feel amazing and woke the next day feeling the best I had felt all year. I knew this was definitely something I could make time for at least once a week. One to support my friend after her hard work and dedication to this practice, and two, it made me feel amazing. Why would I stop that? So, I took myself off to buy some proper work out gear finally feeling the best about my body in years, I had a new-found confidence to wear it. Starting Yoga again, has giving me the confidence to go back to the gym.

So, after missing my heart smart sessions due to hospital appointments for the last three weeks, I finally re-attended last week and back for a couple more gym sessions that same week . I had made friends with some of the guys there due to going regularly at the same time, so decided it was time to start training with them... To their surprise with years of training behind me I could just about keep up with the boys, I made damn sure I did. Each day I’m working out I'm making sure I get the best out of my workout. I might have to cut a few sessions shorter but I’m going in harder. I’ve upped the game with the sand bags, and started to lift the bar and use machines I feared. Nothing is going to stop me . Yes, I may have slacked and been slightly “under the weather” but I always come back working harder. No pain no gain they say. Since these four weeks at yoga I have definitely seen a change in my body shape. It’s been hard work but if I'm going to get a body like Rachel i'm all over it. Feeling great makes you want to work out more and eat better. I’ve dug out the herbal teas, and got the fridge stocked up with so much freshness and health. I’ve started listening again to my inspirational and medication music again before bed. I’ve managed to pick up a book and read more than a few pages before I had to re-read it. Years of being unwell and drugs had led to a constant brain fog when I tried to read and serious lack of concentration. I’ve been making sure I take a little me time every day. I get so wrapped up in my work and making sure I’m keeping my clients happy that quite often I work too long hours and forget about myself. I forget how important it is to take time out every now and then, and find where my hair ends and where the next clients starts. I have a feeling August is going to pass in a whirlwind. The majority of my test results will be back after months of waiting and wedding season has most definitely started, so this month will be dedicated to my brides, bridal parties, the guests, and my regular clients, so when I’m not working, I’m going to be relaxing. None of this burning the candle at both ends. I’m starting to feel a little too old for that. I forget that it’s not just about our physical health, we need to strengthen our mental health too, and if yoga and the gym combine the two. I can’t lose.

So, thank you Rachel for making me feel totally amazing about my body again. Its amazing to find people that share you optimism for a healthy life and want to improve and strengthen every aspect of their being, we are on this journey together. I attend every Monday evening, there’s no better way to start the week...Come join me on my new spiritual journey and get fit with us... Get following Rach to see what she's getting up to, and watch my youtube, I'm sure a little collab will be on its way before long...

I used to boss her about while doing her hair and makeup now it’s her chance to correct my stance and posture while I try to find the warrior inside of me.



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