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I started pushing for the body I once had, now I am going for the body that I’v always wanted.

Updated: Nov 24, 2017

Ok so its Monday again and that can mean only one thing another week another blog. Well I keep promising you a fitness blog as I have not written one this year. So as it's the end of January I have given myself a little bit of extra time to burn off those extra calories consumed at christmas. So when It hit the 1st of the month I gave myself a few days away from the gym to avoid the January resolutions. Of course every January the gym is packed, full of high hopes of New Years Resolutions, every gym-goers nightmare. But to be fair who am I to judge. I’m all for encouraging everyone to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle, you have got to start somewhere right? I just would prefer that somewhere to be when i’m not in the gym or an entirely different gym altogether would be even better.

Lets get down to business I have decided to switch up my workouts again. New year new me and all that. I find my body gets so used to a routine quite quickly so I hit a state of just maintaining to keep my body weight and measurements remaining the same. I mean that is great but I want to change my body even more. Since the beginning of Jan and after a chat with Mark (PT) I have reassessed my workout sessions. I have cut down my work out time, especially my cardio time. My heart is healthy, it really is strong and has survived so much it has definitely toughened up over these years so I don't really need to do as much cardio as I have been doing. I don't really need to burn fat either. I am very happy with my weight. The scales have said that I have gained 2 kilos since my last weigh-in with Mark back in December, but my clothes are telling me I am at my tightest. I am actually a stone heavier that the smallest I have been. But I really cant feel that extra stone. Im happier being heaver at least I can see the difference with my clothes and the way I feel. My aim for this year is to continue to strengthen my body. To concentrate on creating lean muscle, building up that tissue and reducing the amount of body fat that I have. My workouts now consist of more weight training and less cardio. Thats right I said more weights! Us as females have been led to believe that weights are only for men or the body builders therefore we are terrified of the weights. I once was. I was a little bit reluctant but I need to try something else, my old routine just wasn’t working for me any more.

Wow, believe me I can I see, and feel a difference in just a few weeks. I feel tighter, firmer and I hold myself differently. My posture has improved. And I am no longer scared of weights. Girls we need to remember, it took me a little while to convince myself of this as well but, we have different hormones than men. To gain masses amounts of muscle we need to be in the gym everyday lifting, starving and pumping our body with testosterone. Im not sure about you but thats just not going to happen, so after convincing myself that I can lift, I have dramatically increased my weight training. I am not going to pretend that I am a PT myself, but I’m learning. Half the problem is not actually understanding the problem, so I’m going to dig out my body sculpting bible and have a read, I will give anything a try to get rid of these bingo wings and tighten these abs. I am also going to try relaxing a bit more. The last 6 months have probably been the most stressful of my life and that could be a part to play with my plateauing weight. My cortisol cycle is all out of sinc. I struggle with mornings and catch a few hours undisturbed sleep at a time. My body is definitely a sensitive soul. I just need to lighten up little and try and relax a bit more. So this year I’v decided to get back into my yoga or pilates, to relax, to heal and to clear my mind of all my stresses. Sounds perfect, now I just need to find more me time. I am hoping this method of stretching and conditioning my body will help strengthen my surrounding muscles, that will in turn support with the weight training.

It has now been twelve months since I first attended my heart smart rehab sessions with Mark and nine months since I started pushing for the body I once had, Now I am going for the body that I’v always wanted. I cant thank him enough for whipping my butt into gear. Mark really has helped get me healthy, fit, happier and more hungry than ever. It must be that butt whipping and the oldies that keep me going back. What ever it is, it's working.

Now I am completely totally excited for summer of 2017 where I will reveal my years results.

I have a feeling this is going to be a summer to remember.



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