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I don't "do" New Year Resolutions.

So everyone, I’m back... Happy New Year! OK, this blog is over a week or so late but no, I haven't broken my new year’s resolution to be more on time or to get more blogs uploaded. I’ve just decided to take a little time away from 'extracurricular' work life as January started. Life has been mad since October until the end of 2017. Don't get me wrong, I have loved every minute of it, but was a little tired so took a few days off from social media. Yes I really did! I refused to write any blogs or film any YouTube videos. I of course was straight back to work as January started. It’s usually just as busy as December. So, I just wanted a bit of me time, to sit and think about what direction I want to go in this year.

So this really is a new year new me. Those who would have read last years “New Year New Me” blog would be well aware that I don't make new years resolutions not just for the fact that I break them but more for the fact that I really couldn't be bothered to think of a new “set of rules” to live by. Rules break too easily. So I’m deciding to think of my “new rules” as guidelines so for this year my new guidelines are all lifestyle changes. Changes that will change my life for the better and increase every opportunity. So yes, I have typically started a new “diet”. I wouldn't call it a diet as such, just new eating habits and a new exercise regime. Those who have been following my journey will know that I have been a fitness and health fan for the past few years following heart surgery. I have been a fitness fan on and off throughout my life. I used to swim 10 hours a week, go to the gym, kick box and even tried to squeeze in a run to McDonald's and back. I didn't get anything to eat I promise! Then post-surgery I have only felt confident running or exercising in the gym and I increasingly became slightly addicted to this 'happy hormone'. Then my health changed again and I couldn’t exercise as much which lead to me eating the wrong foods which in turn didn't do my health any favours.

So, it was time to change. I needed a better diet and to switch up my gym routines. So, I reached out to the body coach team for some guidance with my health and fitness. I signed up to Joe’s 90 days plan to get me in the best shape of my life. I have so much faith that yes, this could be the thing that really works for me. His workouts are designed to continue burning off fat far longer than the work out itself. This sounds good to me, shorter workouts, more fat burn. I have multiple recipes to choose from and 5 workouts to pick. The recipes are similar to everyone else on the plan except that the quantities of certain ingredients are at different weights according to the person. My water intake is 2.5 litres per day on top of any herbal teas, coffee, protein shakes etc. I'm pretty sure by the end of it I would be in the best shape of my life. And this year I really need to be. I have an absolute mountain to climb so need to get my body as fit and as healthy as possible to tackle exactly what’s coming. To stick to this healthy eating and exercise I have to be organised... like super organised.... something tells me I'm going to learn a lot in these 90 days not just about food and fitness... but have a sneaky suspicion that this could possibly change my life.

Next on my list, I’m going to be less hard on myself. If my jobs do not get done, it’s not the end of the world. I need to chill out more. Yes I do work for myself and if the work doesn't get done it doesn't get done. As long as the clients are happy and they are all fitted in, YouTube and my blogs can be left for another day. I’m going to try and give myself more me time and take that occasional time away from work, social media and the laptop. I can get so caught up and obsessed with this world that we call social media and join the unsocial world. Quite ironic really. This takes me to my next “guidelines”

I’m going to make sure I have more time with those I love. Last year saw some friendships bloom and others wilt. It opened my eyes to things that I had been blind to. It showed me that I was just passing time by. It showed me who I really mattered to, and who really cared. I started to isolate myself but I’ll be honest, I am very happy in my own company. I am very content and love to spend time alone, and that’s not a bad thing, I love to write or engross myself into a good book, do some research, or just take the time out to re charge my batteries. I’m very much a “me person. My time is limited. I’m going to make sure I spend the time I do have with those that matter the most. These are those that I matter to. Those friends who never judge me, those who encourage and support every step of my journey, those who inspire me to grow and bring out the best in me. Those friends are part of my family. And they need my love as much as I need theirs. So to free up some time for friends and family. I am hoping to be a little bit more organised in my life generally. Prep everything in advance or at least the day before so I am not rushing around trying to get what ever done or getting ready. I’m going to plan my outfits the night before, my food will all be prepped with this new food plan. I’m going to declutter all aspects of life. People that upset me, clothes that I’ve never worn, jewellery I’ll never wear, shoes that I can’t walk in. Life is too short to be keeping this stuff for someday. Someday is now and every day should be your best.

Lastly, I am going to follow my dreams. Before heart surgery I was pursuing my hopes and wishes for the future then obviously plans were put on hold and had to stop. I had to step back on taking wedding bookings, or any appointments that needed commitment. All my plans just stopped. I tried to finish off all current projects last year but when my health failed again I decided, I had to wait. Now I know exactly where I am this year regarding that. I must plough on forward. I cannot keep putting dreams on hold. I must follow forward and carry on. After all dreams are there for a reason, they are goals to help pull you forward and realise what you can achieve. I have to keep reminding myself that if my heart stopped twice and I’m still here. I’m here for a reason this is my chance to do all the things I have ever dreamed off. I might never get that chance again. I need to chase my dreams, live life to the fullest, embrace every moment and love so dearly, those that I treasure. I need to cherish these moments and live for it. I have 2017 to thank for teaching me to love life more than ever. Last year taught me the most valuable lessons in business, friendship and life. It was one of the hardest years but iv now embraced it. It has set out the foundations for 2018... it’s going to be the fastest, loopiest roller coaster I have ever rode, Packed of work appointments, business meetings, hospital trips, travelling and making as many memories as possible. I’m embracing every moment, the good and the bad. For each moment is a lesson. 2018 I am so nervous you have arrived, but this year I’m going to be killing it!!! Bring on the best year of my life ❤️

Written with Love


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