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Gingersnap, Honey Lust and Lemon Tart... I really couldn’t resist.....

This Has successfully been my first week into my fifth year and its been amazingly busy, and so much fun. So naturally of course I had to treat myself and dashed to the shops. Straight to Carnaby Street I love this place, the eeny, meeny, miny, moe of make up shops. ahhhh so much choice, but I was on a mission, I knew exactly where I was going as they were sold out when I wanted it the last time I was hunting down makeup. Straight upstairs to the make up pro area in M. A. C. Yes they had it, the amazing eyeshadow palette I'v been waiting for.

15 beautifully warm natural hues that blend so elegantly and smooth on to your skin. Light shimmery shades ranging up to some golds, dark plums and browns perfect to add a warm smokey eye to the outside corners. These shades are similar to the Burgundy Times Nine palette, where you can mix to create countless unique shades. This warm palette contains colours that seem good enough to eat, Gingersnap, Honey Lust and Lemon Tart. I really couldn’t resist. This is definitely my favourite buy of the year.



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