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Forget the gym, this is the best way to drop hundreds of pounds.

Olympia beauty....

A room full of girls fighting their way through the crowds, making sure not to miss the best deals on offer. Strangely for me this is my absolute idea of hell. However as you know from my previous beauty show blogs, I am a complete organised freak, who only attends these crazy events having studied the floor plan and the brand list the previous evening. I am always prepped and prepared with a drafted shopping list, so I knew exactly what I was looking for. This year I arrived earlier than ever and marched through those doors just as they opened. Without a second look, I quickly glanced at the standing floor plan, worked out my bearings, and had guidance from a half naked man resembling something of a Greek god, stranger things have happened, I imagine he was advertising a new spray tan.

I pulled myself away from that torso, pulled my self together, and advanced straight up to the NYX stand . To my amazement I walked straight in. I excitedly clutched a basket to my chest and started throwing the make up in. I cannot get enough their lipsticks, they come in a variety of different colours and shades, they are by far one of my favourite brands. I added to my winter collection some dark shades, as I can never get enough of autumn winter colours, I got the usual burnt red and a neutral, a grey, a blue and purple tones, I cannot wait to give these lipsticks an outing. I also picked up their USP01 eyeshadow palette. These beautiful smokey warn tones will be perfect for adding warmth to the eye area this winter . I have never tried their eyeshadows before but if they are anyway as good as their lipsticks then I am certain I will fall in love. I moved smoothly on adding a quick setting spray into the basket on my way to the till..... I walked up ready to pay with no queue and no one around me... wow this is how I like to shop I have never been able to shop at this stall without a queue at least fifteen people deep. What a result.

I happily skipped over to O.P.I, I smoothly picked up my box and filled it with some gel polishes and headed to the queue, again with no one ahead of me. Amazed by my success I quickly looked at the next stall on my list which was safely stored in the notes section of my iPhone. (organised freak) I headed next door to pick up some more lash supplies from lash perfect then advanced over to Benefit to collect some more blusher shades, I think I had only been here no longer than ½ hour and I managed to tick all the stalls off my list and collect all my stock and goodies that I wanted. It had actually took me longer to travel here than to get all of my shopping done so felt it was a bit to soon to be going home. I scanned the rest of the stalls as I walked aisle by aisle picking up business cards and talking to some potential suppliers, networking and getting ideas for xmas presents along the way. By this time I had definitely built up an appetite... I was starving and found a restaurant at the venue. I ordered my lunch, I was in no way impressed... my hospital food was better, and I wouldn't even give it to my dog..( thats a figure of speech I don't really have one). I had no assistance to open my glass bottle of lemonade until I asked how I was suppose to drink it... well at least it was the beauty products that enticed people to this place because it definitely wasn't the food. I left the show shortly after lunch feeling satisfied with my job of the day to shop until I drop. Forget the gym this is the best way to drop hundreds of pounds in seconds.....My feet hurt and my arms ached from carrying all my shopping.. where was the Greek God when I needed him....

Next time I will definitely be following my a-z of how to attend and battle these shows as this time it was just how I like my contour... on point..... lets hope I can do the same again in a few weeks at Salon International....



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