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Dry January. Can we change that to Gin January please?

so its one week into the new year and how many of you have all ready broken your New Years resolutions..... I hold my hands up I haven't actually made any resolutions this year... not for the fact that I'm lazy more for the pure fact that nearly every year I always fail to keep them. So this year I thought I'd try a different approach.

I will make lifestyle changes, and i'm not a quitter so i'm not giving up anything. I will still continue to eat everything that I want, just of course in moderation. The majority of my food consists of a varied healthy diet any way so I tend to be a good eater and know when to fuel my body. Diets and silly fads are not something I chose to entertain in my life anyway, and believe the best way to be healthy is to eat your vitamins and minerals and burn off the excess calories you do consume. This is probably helped by the fact that I have become a gym bunny and love the feeling that being fit gives me. I try to attend the gym 5-7 times a week if I can, however I probably could be more ambitious and push myself a little bit harder, and not be as inclined to leave as soon as the hand on that clocks hits that one hour mark, I'm sure I can stay an extra 5 minutes a day, that will lead to an extra 35 minutes a week without really noticing. Surely I can fit that into my life. Im not giving up alcohol I font go out often so i'm not a binge drinker or an alcoholic, I unfortunately didn't have time of during the holiday season, and with the amount of work iv already put in for the first week of the year, that with coffee is my only guilty pleasure.... so when i'm hearing dry January i'm secretly cringing inside... thinking can we change it to Gin January please.

Moving swiftly on one thing I am definitely doing is decluttering my house, my life, my head....

I honestly have far too many clothes, My coat collection actually takes up one wardrobe, then I have most of my clothes in another double wardrobe. I really do need to learn the meaning of the word minimalistic.. I'm going to get ruthless, and according to the “Magical Art of Tiding Up” by Marie Kondo. If It doesn't spark joy then it is no longer necessary in my life.... to be fair sparking joy is probably the reason that I have hoarded as many clothes over the years simply because It sparks a memory or Its never going to fit me again, but to pretty to bin, or the fact that Im convinced that a pair of trousers that I last wore when I was 18 ,and so many years on I think one day they will fit me, so I fold them up and back in the draw they go.... ok maybe sparking joy doesn't necessarily work for me but i'm hoping a good clear out will help my next step of being more organised.

I have an iPad, laptop, iPhone, Filofax,and a variety of note books so I think this is the year to clear out the junk folder an organise everything I have, my photos, blogs, videos, appointments, and events, this should help declutter my head and help me see exactly where I am and where I am going in life. Fail to plan and plan to fail as they say. To be fair I'm not bad at planning, with my OCD and the type of job I do, I tend to work by time and my working days are very organised, it's just the rest of my life that's a whirlwind.

With this new organised me, Im excited to be a little more adventurous this year, planning days out and events to do with friends and family, maybe travel a bit more and educating myself with new places to visit. I really need to challenge myself and step outside my boundaries, maybe even do something every day that scares me, whether its write that dreaded email or jump out of a plane (already done that need to find something scarier) I need to challenge myself in order to grow. Iv already booked two courses for this month, il start the year as I mean to go on. I want to learn as much as I can about everything, i'm so openminded and really excited to where this journey will take me this year.... first of all I need to free up some time..

Social media is the biggest time waster ever. I love social media it is great for business and I need to keep it up to date, I will continue to use it for work purposes and of course a selfie, (I do do hair and make up guys thats my excuse), after all it is free advertising so It would be silly to not use it to it's advantage. I will however not be logged on frequently so please don't be offended if I don't give you a like or comment you just weren't in the top three on my news feed.. If it's urgent I will be at the end of a phone, for those who have my number, are those who might need me. Im hoping this will free up some time in my life that I can put to better use.

And my last lifestyle choice is putting more energy into the people that matter. Those who I really mean something to, those who remember to send a message on my Birthday, those who have the time to say hey once in a while, those who know that sometimes I just need to be asked “are you really ok” these are the people I need to cherish. My time is limited If I'm not, writing a blog I'm planning a video if I'm not beautifying somebody I'm doing paperwork, if I'm not doing paperwork I'm in the gym (sometimes doing work), so I don't actually have a lot of free time. So when I do I need to focus it on my friends and my family. I understand life can get pretty crazy sometimes, I'am always busy there is always something I should be doing. LIFE is busy, I get that. But I haven't got time for people to let me down, hurt me or stress me out. Who needs that in their life. Life is for living and while I am, I must remember to enjoy it, I'm going to do a hell of a lot more of that in 2017.

If you don't spark joy your out...

Now pass me the Gordon's...


Hay xx

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