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Coachella chic.

Sun, sea, festival vibes. Wishing and dreaming you were flying out to sunny California to join the Coachella crew, don’t worry il bring this festival chic to you. I mean what more did I have to do on my Saturday then paint my face in different colours and shades for your entertainment, I love it. After washing, moisturising and priming my face, I mixed two shades of foundation together to achieve a healthy glow. I then contoured my features using the crown cream contouring palette, to highlight my bone structure and slim down my nose and forehead. I then dotted along the topside off my check bones with a orangey cream blush, Rich Coral from Mac to add a bit of fun colour to my cheeks, this is going to be one of my summer favs. After all the cream products were applied I then set my foundation using No7 cream touch, this will make it touch proof and last all day, vital in the sunshine, I then went over my contour with Benefits Hoola bronzing powder just to deepen the lines and help achieve that sun kissed glow.

Then using Revolution Eyes Like Angels palette I created my eyes. Blending in three different contrasting colours, bronze, pink and blue to create a fun but edgy vibe, I finished of with a beautiful swipe Of silver liner from Stilla’s magnificent metal eyes collection, if that wasn’t enough, I got a little bit glitter happy a smothered the section from my eye to my hairline in pink and gold glitter pigment from Mac and finished of with some gems from Primark. my water line needed brightening so I used Benefit Highbrow pencil to open up my eyes and used the deep charcoal from the smoking eyes palette to deepen my brows and to fame my face. To complete this look I rocked some dutch braids in my hair. The only thing missing were my bright feather hair extensions.

Check out my finished look on my instagram and Facebook, you can click the links on my contact page.

If you want me to create a dutch braids tutorial let me know in the comments sections on those pages.


Hayley x

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