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Can I really wash all my problems away?

Is Micellar water really the next best thing? if it means I can ditch the aggressive cleaning wipes that just leave my face tender with every wipe, then great i'm all for it.

My skin has been paying havoc for the past year, due to a combination of prescribed medication and stress on the body. I have break outs of pimples, redness, dry patches and then my skin is generally really tender to the touch, I have tied numerous lotions and potions over the months with no avail. A client/good friend of mine had been to see a dermatologist, to have a look at the problem skin that she had been experiencing, she had tried peels expensive products, facials, and was shocked that he had recommended a £5 (100ml) bottle of water. (if only she had known this sooner).

This definitely caught my interested as I had tried both high end and budget potions which hadn't solved my problem. So I went out on my friends recommendation to try this product that I had known nothing about. I tried numerous boots chemists but they were all out of stock, was this something I really should have known about sooner? Finally I had to order the Bioderma products online.

If this product works wonders just why it has taken quite so long to reach London all the way from France defies me. Bioderma is starting to become more mainstream with its speed cleaning properties, perfect for the busy London lifestyle. Its growing popularity is down to its easy no rinse formula, that is a 3 in 1 lotion, it removes dirt and pollution, cleansing deeper and thens tones the skin leaving it hydrated and refreshed. This gentle formula is miles away from the water out of our taps, the chemicals from tap water (to make it safe to drink) are extremely harsh on the skin. It is so gentle it’s perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin (me right now) We are already neglecting our skin as makeup is being worn heavier, we are more aware of applying sunscreen and other oils and liquids to our face. No wonder its a hit, its refreshing to use a remover that doesn't involve excess rubbing and adding stress to our skin.

If theres one thing your skin can thank you for, have this as your go to cleanser this summer, make sure its always stocked in your bathroom cabinet or standing on your vanity table.

Now there is absolutely no excuse for not removing your make up at night no matter how tired you are, your face will smile for it.

Now we really can wash all our problems away...


Hayley x

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