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Beauty Pro 2016.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Wow I have never actually spent so long at a beauty show, EVER....

Free upgrade to a luxe entry ticket I assumed I would be shopping in complete luxury, but not quite as it seamed as though every other beauty shopper had also received the same upgrade from the beauty professionals, (I'm not as special as I thought) as each area was fully crowded. I had learnt from the previous shows and me being a list and organised freak, I of course had studied the floor plan and written my itinerary the previous evening. This worked wonders, I hit the busiest stalls first, NYX and OPI, these are normally so busy I cannot get within reaching distance of them I then battled my way through to some less busy stalls picking up some lashes, make up remover cloths and information leaflets along the way.

This was thirsty work, so I hunted down the refreshment area for Luxe ticket holders, after having queued to get in, I nearly got caught up in the middle of a fight over the fizz and cake. (That was obviously not the only reason I had attended the show. )

Invite a bunch of hair and beauty technicians to a room full of goodies, cakes and champagne, it was bound to be a disaster. Next year il think il be happy with my standard entry ticket, after all I wasn't impressed with every one getting an upgrade. (sad face emoji)

Seven hours and Seven bags later I was ready to leave, dying for a foot soak and a very large glass of wine.... find out what I bought on my next blog....



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