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Beautifully Bronzed...

This weekend I had an hour to spare so what better way to spend it than sunning myself, safely of course. Sadly I couldn't jump on a plane, or travel to the beach as this English weather is hard to judge these days.... so I just jumped into my tanning tent ready to try the new Sienna X HIT tan... thats the High Intensity Tanning for all you express tanners out there. Now there is really no excuse to turn up to this party or event without a golden glow. This beautiful tanning lotion contains vitamin E, aloe vera, avocado extract, tan accelerators, and with its anti-ageing Q10 ingredients you don't have to worry about tanning damaging or ageing your skin. Sounds to good to be true. So before I can sell any product to you, I of course have to try it myself, (well thats my excuse).

Wow I certainly understand why all my tanning girls hand been shivering last week, I forget how cold the spray can be eeeeew After prepping my body and then spraying I had to wait for the one hour development time to pass, (its amazing how much housework you can get done when theres nothing else to do). Finally time was up and I jumped in the shower to wash the colour guide off, at first I thought I had washed my tan away, but just like the tonights the night (2-4 hour) solution, its colour slowly builds up and develops over the next 2-8 hours. I had a little glow throughout the day but the next morning when I woke this colour was beautiful. It has a warm peachy glow that looked the most natural and nearest my skin tone. I don’t think that its quite as dark as the tonights the night but for a 1 hour develop time, Sienna X have done an amazing job, they have perfected the formula to this solution and it is best kept a secret if you ask me.

I love it.

It’s a beautiful colour for any occasion, ideal for busy mums or last minute parties, the only trouble would be getting me booked in time...



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