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All in a good days shopping!

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Oh my,

I stopped off at two of my favourite stores and then had to close my eyes and find my way back through the crowds before I bought anything else... as usual I was only set out to add one thing to my make up collection and ended up buying more than intended...

we’ve all been there and all know the feeling of slight guilt all the way home, until we unwrap our pretty gifts for ourselves and that little bit of guilt subsides, as the pleasure takes over. So much fun shopping today.

I first slipped in to Mango as the crowds along Regents Street were getting a little bit heavy so thought I’d take a minute for them to die down and do a bit of "browsing". As soon as I slipped through the door I was in love, the most beautiful camel coloured trench coat was smiling back at me (love heart emoji). I had to have it but that was not what I had come for.

I resisted the urge to pick it up and immediately exited the shop and headed for Carnaby Street Mac flagship store.

This is just make up heaven I couldn’t buy it and wear it all even if I was going to live to 100+ years. I headed up stairs as it was crazy busy with girls fighting over each other downstairs, to the pro area, heading straight to the blush to pick up my desired colour also adding another cream blush and two beautifully shaded lipsticks to my basket...... on leaving the store I was torn between going home as the crowds were getting heavy and being pulled back to that beautiful coat...…

I bought it, I couldn’t resist the forces pulling me back, it had to be mine, one left in my size! It was meant to be....

all in a good days shopping I think.

With love

Hayley x

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