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5 Summer Evening Makeup Must Haves

As the sun decided to come back out over the weekend I felt a little inspired to show you whats in my evening make up bag this summer before the suns goes into hibernation forever...

Those who read “My 5 summer Day Time Makeup Must Haves” will know that I pretty much use the same brand of foundation and just move over to the tinted moisturiser in the summer to leave a lighter dewy look. So if you haven't read the blog, I have been lightly applying Mac Tinted Cream in Medium Deep This is perfect for these warmer summer evenings. It contains SPF 30, this is amazing for when the sun is hanging around later especially if you are on holiday and the sun is still going strong well into the evening. I am so in love with this product and pretty sure I will continue to use it right into the winter. For now I an using a slightly darker shade as I am a little darker from being out and about in the sun and also a little help from Sienna X. This moisturiser gives me a slight hint of colour and a warm sun kissed glow that I cant imagine being without. Mac, I am addicted.

Brows are a must, day or night I didn't include them in my daytime look as I actually tint my brows myself so they are a little darker and stand out slightly for the day time, but generally I never go “out out” with out my brows perfectly in place. I have got a little brow tutorial coming up for YouTube in the next few weeks, so i'm really excited about that. Anyways going back to my must have brow kit. For years I was addicted to Benefit Browzings and then I started to notice that it was just getting a little too warn for my brows, whether my colouring was changing who knows I just wasn't loving it as much as I once did, I do believe they have more choices and options since I last bought mine so i'm not saying I will not go back, however a lovely client had suggested a brow pencil by urban decay.... Im not a lover of pencils as I can be a little heavy handed with them and end up with bigger brows than intended, but I was willing to give them a try, especially after hearing that they were quite cool in tone. Well as we all know I get distracted very very easily so whilst on the hunt for the Urban Decay Brow Pencil I stumped over their The Brow box in Brown Sugar. This cute little treasure chest is similar to the Benefit Browzings with their wax and powder idea, and mini brushes, but what impressed me about this product was the two shade powders, this amazed me, (very easily pleased,) this was great for blending my brows through. I especially loved the little bottom draw for the mini brushes underneath, I really felt like I had found some treasure.

I always like to enhance my natural lashes on a night out, I normally apply a light layer of mascara to my bottom and top lashes then layer them up with a set of falsies for a fuller bolder effect. I know so many of you have major trouble with lashes but they are not as hard as you think. I will get a blog or you tube uploaded within the month and how you exactly how I apply mine just using my fingers and a cotton bud... easy peasy, to be honest I did shy away from them for years as I found them too fiddly and no amount of youtube watching was making it any easier then one day I just got it. Its like anything, practice makes perfect. So I will never attending any evening events with out longer fuller lashes to flutter my way through the crowd, right now I am absolutely loving Salon Systems 117 which are available to buy from my shop. They are texture lashes with a wispy effect, that will help smudge out your smokey eye, no eyeshadow needed.

Never one to play safe on a night out and my love of all things Dark and Deep I am loving layers of Macs Powder Blush in Devil. I cannot get enough of this mischievous shade. With a few swipes of this, more fiery orange than tomato red, its perfect to add to the apples of your check, gently working the soft powder up to your temples. This Devilish shade will bring you out of the crowd, leaving you looking fierce and intensifying your glow. It will definitely ignite that fire inside you. Who doesn't want to be immersed in passion these days.

I like my lips as bold as my hair these days, the more they clash the better. I am secretly a shy girl, but when I wear my hair and makeup the mask goes on and I try to step outside my comfort zone, I was having this conversation with a friend recently that even though I might stand out in the crowd with my bright “colour of the month hair”, I am a quiet shy girl deep down, but my creative side will always take over a soon as the mask is applied. I love the boldest lips I can find and absolutely loving NYX soft Matte Lip creams. I cannot get enough of the reds and oranges right now, but keeping it warm with mac Devil, my go to has to be Morocco, this warm orange adds to the holiday glow and surprising makes my teeth looker whiter. Unlike a lot of matte lipsticks and pencils, this cream is exactly that. Its creamy so no need for added vaseline or lip tint. Anyone will find it hard to resist this perfectly warm pout on any steamy summer night.

This Summer...Dare to go big, go bold or go home....

With Love


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