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5 beauty buys you can gift or treat yourself with to relax and slow down this Easter

Updated: 18 hours ago

Relax and have some pamper time this Easter.

2023 has been flying by. I cannot believe we are in the 2nd quarter of the year already!

The past few months have been crazy busy, so this long weekend I will plan an afternoon of pampering over the Easter holiday to take a little time out to relax and recharge.

Here are 5 beauty buys you can gift someone or treat yourself to help slow down and relax this Easter

1 Create a relaxing atmosphere

Light Molton Brown Gingerlily Single Wick Candle 180g and create a relaxing atmosphere to soak in the bath or lounge around on the sofa with a good book or glossy magazine. The scents of the sandalwood, ginger, plum and peach fragrance will fill the air around you to gently soothe any stresses to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed while you unwind and have some much-needed "me-time".

2 Treat those luscious locks to some hydration

Treat those luscious locks to some intense hydration. Life has been so busy lately that I haven't found the time to treat my hair. So I am desperate to get back to my Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask 250ml, hair treatments. Not only does this mask leave your locks with the most amazing scents, but it is intense and hydrating to help moisturise those cuticles and soak up as much moisture from any heat damage to help repair and protect.

This Hair mask is always in my bathroom cabinet!

3 Relax in the bath or steamy shower with some oil

Find Peace, unwind and relax with a long hot soak in the bath, with this Aromatherapy deep relax bath & Shower Oil . Let all your worries go and release all your troubles. The scents in this oil will aid you in a good night's sleep. Pour a little capful into your bath or smother yourself after a hot steamy shower. Either way, your skin will be amazingly hydrated as you drift off for a long deep sleep.

4 Hydrate your face and feel the glow

Treat your skin to Face theory CeraQuench renewal cream M6. This is my most used face cream for the end of the day. I love the way it makes my skin feel. I do not have particularly dry skin, but sometimes I can work for long hours before I sip water, so often the last-minute downing of water isn't enough, and my skin will show dehydration at the end of the day, this helps quickly rehydrate and reduce the tightness from lack of moisture.

This cream is full of hydration and; leaves my skin feeling fresh, with a healthy glow, absorbing all the moisture that it needs. It has been part of my skincare routine for a good few years and it is definitely a keeper for my skincare bag. Be aware that you may want to introduce this slowly as it does include retinol and can make your skin a little sensitive. I have never had a problem with this myself.

5 Create your mood with a scent of your choice

Not sure what perfume to pick or try for yourself? Why not order the selection LOOK FANTASTIC THE BOX: Boutique Scent Edit (Includes a fully redeemable £30 voucher)

This box includes 5x 5ml fragrances and a £30-off voucher to redeem from a full-size fragrance that you chose from the selection.

The five scents range from strong and independent to a romantic flirty spritz. I am a woman who chooses my scent by my mood, and my style for the day. My style can range from masculine, trousers and blazers to flirty with long flowing dresses. I have a wide variety in my wardrobe. This box would be perfect for treating anyone to a perfume to spritz for any occasion.

There you have it 5 little gifts you can buy to treat yourself or someone special that you think deserves a little pampering over the easter holidays. We could all do with slowing down and having a little rest from time to time.

Happy Easter!



Disclosure: Some of the Links included may contain affiliate links. When you click on those links, I may receive a small commission for your purchase. It will not affect your order in anyway. I am a NVQ 2 Hair Stylist with over 15 qualifications in the beauty industry. I only promote products that I have used and think are great.

Some products are included for 20% off with Look fantastic.

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