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Still smashing it like a #Boss: 2 Cycles down, and the last one to go....

Finally here it is, NEW Blog alert!!!!!!! Some of you have been asking me when this next update was going to appear, and I'm pretty sure some of you thought I would have quit by now, but no here it is ,The Cycle 2 update. I dont normally dedicate blogs to anyone in particular, sometimes you might get a mention if i happen to be writting about something you have been involoved in, but this is for you guys that have supported this journey and those who have though of me as an insipiration, asked questions, been impressed and listened to my story, those who have signed up because of it, and decided to take this journey with me...

Now enough of the blah blah blah lets get down to business..

So cycle 2 dropped into my mail box, and after a little flick through, this cycle looked great. Double the amount of carbs, and an increase in red meat, I could even eat pizza for breakfast! Bacon was allowed and I even had an allowance of tomato ketchup, which before this diet was my downfall, I was well and truly a saucy girl. So I was really excited to get stuck in to my full fat pizzas and fry ups. This really cant be a diet.

After the first few days I started to feel a little tired again and found I was starting to slack off my workouts if I could. I was more inclined to throw in a rest day because I was feeling lazy opposed to generally needing to rest my muscles. I did find it really hard to get started at the beginning. The energy bursts that I had in Cycle 1 seemed forever away. I found the thought of these Hilt sessions with Joe, a little bit more of a chore than our usual morning sessions. However theses Hiit workouts were amazing I really did enjoy them so much more. I like everything about weight training as I can physically see the changes in my muscles while i'm lifting. Everything about Joes methods of training suit me perfectly. Short, quick burst of exercise with the highest intensity that you can, then its all over for the day. Somehow and i'm not sure where it comes from but you do dig that little bit deeper and find a little strength somewhere inside of you and pound those weights a little harder. However the thought of getting motivated or changed into my workout gear really wasn't easy. On a few occasions just from pure laziness I would be prancing around in my knickers, sports bra, socks and trainers, what a sight, luckily I have new blinds fitted, to save the world from the bouncing mess I become.. In Cycle 1 I could jump out of bed put my gear on and get straight to it. This cycle I could barely open my eyes and get to work, let alone workout before work. The diet was different, and it definitely had an impact on my mood and body. It was still no sugar, low carb and high protein, that works amazingly for me, but we had to introduce more higher amounts of carbs into our workout days. That was my problem. More carbs. I felt that my body after a month of feeling healthier than ever, had just switched back to before I started this diet. Higher amounts of carbs were not working for me. I was sluggish and really struggled to get myself together. My fuzzy head came back and I found it extremely hard to focus on one thing at a time. This is probably why it has taken me such a long time to get this blog uploaded. However I persevered though this cycle. But to be fair carbs are not all to blame, for the past month I have been going through some extreme personal changes, that have left me a little more than unsettled, and my anxiety has increased, so this could also be a contributing factor in how rubbish I was feeling. Cycle 2 didn't agree with my body by fuelling it, but it definitely proved results just as much as cycle 1.

So here they are...

In total I have lost 13lbs, and inches everywhere. My clothes are falling off me, i have found my hip bones again, and I'm fitting back in to my clothes pre heart op, I'm kinda excited for my first shopping trip once the three months are up.

I was totally shocked at this months results, Cycle 2 is aimed at muscle building, and amazingly I still managed to shred fat. Wow this is really better than I expected and after 9 weeks of no alcohol I decided to head out for a few drinks to celebrate. My taste buds have well and truly changed, I attempted my first drink in 9 weeks... and I just couldn't do it. It was a struggle, I was convinced it was a triple shot not a single. It tasted so strong, I just couldn't enjoy it, however I forced it down in a last bid attempt to enjoy my alcohol. But no! My body and mind wouldn't allow me to enjoy it. I have also noticed that i'm enjoying other flavours more, instead of being allowed to have tomato ketchup or another table sauce, i'm opting for natural yoghurt or sour cream. Id never though id see the day id ditch ketchup for natural yoghurt, but maybe this is what grown ups do. Im also starting to really taste meat, and I mean that real meaty taste, i'm trying to figure out if its a hormonal change that is going on with my graves disease, as that effects my tastebuds or if Im generally changing after being without sugar for so long now. Who knows I might end up a tee-total vegetarian, by the end of these three months. I know Im pretty open to most things in life however being sober or a vegetarian wasn't something I had envisioned for my future three months ago. But i'm more than happy to give almost anything a try once. With the results of both cycles in, I could compare the two diets together. After cycle one I was 100% convinced I could beat graves disease, and now after cycle 2 i'm really not sure. Im tired, the lump in my throat has enlarged again and putting a strain on my voice, my eyes have started to bulge again, my anxiety is back, and now I have lost a little hope that this diet is the cure. At least I am fighting it in the healthiest fittest form I can. However there is still cycle 3 and I have 3 weeks until my final blood count is taken. If cycle 3 is going to be like cycle 1, i'm sure I can do it...

Written With Love


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