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10 ways to beat “Blue Monday Blues” or just the January Blues

Does Christmas seem so long ago but payday still seams so far away. Is the weather constantly miserable and you were wishing you were lying on a beach instead... are your bills coming in and you feel like your just working to pay the way. Is no one around to hang out as every spent the last of there money at New Years... is January the longest month ever?????? if this is how you are feeling then it sounds like you have 'Blue Monday Blues'.... Whatever happened to the January blues??

What is blue Monday? Blue Monday has only come around since 2005... its is “supposed” to be “the most depressing day of the year “ but it really doesn't have to be. It is the same as any other day so why would you look at it any differently. Yes the weather is rubbish, pay day is not in reach and no one wants to hang out until then. But seriously that is no reason to be depressed, Don't get me wrong I all to well understand Depression, but just because January is a slightly tougher month than the others...( I personally find December my toughest) one day is no excused to just “be depressed”. Depression is that low sad feeling that lasts weeks, months and potentially years. Depression is an illness that effects an estimate of 350 million people world wide. Its a struggle that should never be ignored but thats another blog altogether.

It has no become a thing to use Blue Monday as just another excuse to be miserable. I personally have suffered from severe anxiety in the the past, I have learnt my triggers and how to prevent them, anything to stop that dark cloud blowing my way. It is so important to know what works for you as an individual and not as a stereotype. So in this blog I have listed a few of todays tasks to help me beat the blues and help keep my stress levels low.

1 Exercise

what better way than to start my day with an extreme workout. I have switched up all of my workouts which you will read about at the end of the month. The gym is starting to feel like my second home and being around like minded people are always going to help you on any journey. So starting the day around happy, fit people and a bit of eye candy is always a good way to start. I cycled away listening to my music to help get me pumped for my 20 mins hard cardio. Then I challenged myself. I lifted weights heavier then I have ever lifted before. The endorphins start flowing around my body and the excitement I get from seeing the improvements in my workouts is just bursting to get out. So a nice walk to the car helped to channel that rush and cool down to focus on the rest of my day.

2 A Blow dry

Of course after a sweaty gym session a nice shower and hair wash is in order.

This one might apply more to the girlie girls but being a hairdresser this is definitely nearly top of my feel good list. The main reason I love being a hairdresser is the satisfaction I get from the job. I create happiness. I make people feel better about themselves. I pamper them, I devote all my time to just them. So blowdrying my own hair also known as arm day at the gym.... leaves me feeling fresh and happy that my hair is big and bouncy....The feeling of a good hair wash and a beautiful blow dry is one of my happiest feelings. As long as my hair is ready I can take on the world.

3 Work

Monday is my “paperwork day” I try to avoid visiting clients on a Monday as I like to get as much “homework” as I call it done as possible. So today consisted of filming two YouTube videos, one a shopping haul and the other a make up tutorial that will be coming to my channel soon. If you haven't already visited my channel its ' What Hayley Did Next ' check it out and don't forget to subscribe . I work my accounts. I organise my diary and reply to as many messages as I can. I can receive roughly thirty messages a day backwards and forwards from clients trying to organise the diary to accommodate them. I do my emails, research for my blogs, my social media planning and messages, website editing, photo editing, video editing if only I could edit out parts of my life, but I don't think that's that app has been invented yet. Catching up on some of this work gives me a great feeling of success and empowerment I enjoy what I do and but doing all of this “homework” I can see that its all worth the effort. It always makes me realise how far I have come since starting my business. Motivation is always a great way to start the week. So if I say I am at home working, I really am.

4 Me time.

This is something that I don't have very often. I have just managed to highlight my hair, I am desperate for a mani and pedi, my tan is washed off and my brows are the hairiest caterpillars iv ever seen, luckily for me theres no time to go out out as i'm sure il give someone a fright. So now i'm squeezing a but of me time into the schedule. there is nothing more important than to put yourself first on the first day of the week. Life can get so crazy and I always forget to put myself first. So today I had a massage. This is my first massage since the beginning of December ,so it was well over due to release all of the last months stresses and tension from my life. I have to remember how important it is to just stop even if its just 10 minutes of doing nothing, surely I can find that in a day. Sometimes I just have to disappoint myself by telling myself I am not wonder woman and can't do everything, I spent so much time pampering everybody else maybe sometimes I just need someone to look after me.

5 Catch up with a friend.

This was linked with my massage as my amazing friend Mel comes to visit me. and pamper me. She's one of the only people that sees me in a slightly vulnerable sight. Its nice to get a catch up and another persons view about my woes. A good chat and laughter is the best medicine... sometimes you just need someone to listen, a shoulder to cry, a good belly hurting laugh on or just a hug... I don't have many but my good friends are always treasured in my life.

6 Blog.

I love writing my blog is great to share things with the world and I love the feedback that you guys give me. Its amazing to know people really are reading what I write, and they are enjoying it ,it gives me a great sense of pride. I love receiving the texts and messages after a new blog has been published. You guys give me the reason to want to write, to improve, to research, to share my story.

7 Learn

I am on my third lesson of a course. I will not go into details about what I am studying but I aim to learn as much I can about anything and everything this year. Learning broadens the mind, and opens up so many opportunities in life. Who knows where it might lead me, but as long as I keep gong and keep learning I will find out where this path ends. I have always loved learning... going back to school never scares me I just wish I had paid more attention when I was at school first time around.

8 Todo list.

I write my todo list every night for the next day. I am an insomniac, especially if there is something on my mind, I have found that writing down my POA (Plan of action) for the next day can sometimes help with this..... the pure fact that my OCD kicks in in the morning is the biggest time waster, as I then have to re write the list before I start my day.... Mad I know...

9 Relax.

I will spend the rest of the evening after my studying trying to relax. I love candles, so lights off and candles lit to create a warm cosy atmosphere. My favourite candles are homemade by a lovely company called Edward and Rouncefield, not only do they smell amazing, but the gentle crackle of the wooden wick reminds me of laying by the fire in a country cottage in the middle of no where...sorry I was drifting then, so yes go check them out on Instagram @edwardandrouncefield and click the link to their website...

Then Il get sung under a blanket and maybe read a book, I have a bookshelf full of unread books my aim this year was to make a huge dent in the collection, if anyone has any recommendations do share, I am all about being open minded this year and happy to give almost anything a read.

10 Smile.....

Lastly before I go to bed I smile, I reassessed what went wrong in my day, then I think about what went right, the chances are more things went towards you having a good day, you just need to focus on them. Be grateful, no matter how hard life can be there really is someone worse. My heart surgery was traumatic and my heart stopped. Everyday I am grateful I am here and I have a chance to be healthy. Not everyone gets that chance. Remember to count your blessing and live for every moment, I know I do.

If this blog can make one person feel better, then I know it was worth the hours I have put in to write this, and opening up my heart to be real for you all. If this makes you smile and feel better please share this blog it might just help someone you know.

Love Hay

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